So, Are You in Shock, Yet?

Three years ago, if I had read everything that I told you on Friday, I would have discounted a lot of it and been highly critical of those bits that I agreed with. In other words, I would have said that I ‘got it’, but it wouldn’t have sunk in. Then, two years later, I would have run across something that puts it all together for me, and I’d say “Ah HA! I get it!” Epiphany, right?

That’s how it normally works for me, but I’m not sure that you have the luxury of spending two years getting used to the idea that disaster is rolling down on top of us. My suspicion is that catastrophe will have reached us before then (although, I truly hope not). So, what I would like to do is take you through my own process of epiphany.


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The most recent and personal example was on July 19th, when I wrote, 20 Years of Death:

I’m still amazed by what was in front of us all this time. What an incredible feat of ignoring-the-obvious, and I’m as guilty of this as anyone. With my background in business, finance and economics, I should have seen this. I even lived in the Middle East for 15 years, which should have helped me see it even sooner. But no, it took me until 2013 to see the huge threat of what I call, Resource Shock.

If we survive everything else, THAT is still out there, waiting to kill us.

Why did it take me so long to see that?

Why do so many smart men and women ignore the obvious until it’s too late?

Would you believe that I wrote about that, too?

The point is that we MUST snap out of our dreamworlds and get on with the business of being ready for what is coming.

For the rest of my two and a half year journey of epiphany, you can read it here:

Please, do the best that you can to be ready.


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, or wish to offer a different explanation, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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