Undeniable Fact 6 – Atheism, Antisemitism and Islam Are Dramatically Increasing in Developed Countries

I’ve spent 18 of the last 21 years living in Asia, and for all of that time, I’ve watched the country of my birth, America, tear herself apart. When I left the US, in 1992, as a painfully single young man, the question on every single man’s mind was: “Do you kiss on the first date?” When I returned briefly in 2006, the question on every young man’s mind was completely different.

Look around you. Do you recognize your country, anymore?

I certainly do not, and it is a terrible commentary on the path that America and ‘developed countries’ are on. We are in deep, deep trouble, and the one thing that can get us out of that trouble… is the one thing that no one will talk about: God and values.


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Have you noticed how loud and angry the Atheists have become? How pushy? How vocal?

They feel the weight of their growing numbers, and this has given them a feeling that their goal of a godless society is attainable, soon. And, they are winning. They’ve pushed God out of schools and public institutions. They’re shouting down any mention of God in public. They ‘booed’ the reinclusion of God in the Democrat platform in 2012. Christian men and women are being taken to court for acts of conscience. Christian and Jewish institutions are scrutinized and pressured by a hostile government.

Why is this happening?


My life has been directly entwined with that of Israel and her people for more than 30 years. (Yes, THAT long.) It is deeply troubling to me to see the growing antisemitism in Europe and the US, and the fact that the mainstream media is largely silent to what is happening to their Jewish populations.

Worse, there is a growing antisemitism among Christians, and that is the most troubling of all. I knew a man who was a confidant of Menachem Begin. He asked Begin once, why he always went to the Christians first when visiting the US. Begin responded by saying that Israel’s biggest and best support came from the Christian community in America. This is true no longer.


The rise of Islam in the US and Europe is shocking. Islam is beginning to take over Europe, and is reaching critical mass in America. In my home state of Indiana, mosques are a familiar sight. And, we are so afraid of hurting the feelings of Muslims, that no one dares to criticize Islam in any way.

I know what it’s like to live among Muslims. Furthermore, I have friends who were devout Muslims before they converted to Christianity. You do not want Muslims living in your country. Islam is a violent, repressive religion, and it has plans for America and the rest of the world. You do NOT want to be a part of those plans.

I have personal experience with what that’s like.

The Point Is…

The moral fabric of America and the ‘Developed World’ has unraveled. We are no longer the people that we were twenty years ago. And, we are certainly not the people that defeated imperial Japan and Nazi Germany, during World War II. History tells us that every civilization fails when they reach such a stage in their morality.

We cannot save our civilization. We are long past that. But, we can help save ourselves, our families and our friends. What you do now to prepare for what is coming may turn out, one day, to be the difference between life and death for you, or for someone that you care about.

It is time to get ready.


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, or wish to offer a different explanation, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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