Undeniable Fact 4 – The Official Explanation For Syria Makes no Sense

What an interesting web of lies and self-interest. Nothing in any of the official narratives produced by the major players in this game made sense. The United States wanted to kill even more civilians, because civilians were killed by something that MIGHT have been chemical weapons. Russia trumpeted the need to preserve international law and threatened the use of nuclear weapons over a rather insignificant country with very little in the way of natural resources. Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest violators of human rights in the world, was upset that human rights were being violated in Syria, and has downgraded diplomatic relations with the US because they haven’t attacked Syria – which would have caused even MORE Sunnis to die in Syria. The Iranians have indicated that the fall of the Assad regime in Syria would do great harm to Iran. And, Turkey is… well, it’s hard to know why Turkey wanted (and still wants) the Alawite Assads to fall from power.

Does ANY of that make sense to you?

Okay, so we need to dig a bit below the surface and do our best to see what is REALLY going on.


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The United States

Remember that deal that the US has with Saudi Arabia?

In 1973, Nixon did a deal with the Saudis. The Saudis promised that OPEC would price their oil in US dollars, and the United States would provide military protection for the Saudi monarchs. This created a massive foundation for the value of the US dollar.

If you are a foreign country and want oil, you need dollars. To get dollars, you need to produce something that Americans want, so that they’ll give you dollars for it – so that you can turn around and buy oil. Neat, right?

Well, things have gotten a bit hot for the US dollar AND the Saudis, so the Saudis are telling the US what to do – and the US is doing it.

Saudi Arabia

The Saudis are in a LOT of trouble. Iran has been threatening the Saudi monarchs for a long time, and those threats have gotten louder. And, THAT has the Saudis extremely unsettled. Also, the Saudi economy isn’t what it used to be, which means that unrest is growing in the desert kingdom. And, it’s clear to many of us that it’s getting more and more difficult to maintain oil production at current levels.

There’s also a natural gas pipeline being built from Iran, through Iraq, into Syria. This pipeline will help supply natural gas – lots of natural gas – to Europe, strengthening Iran and Syria, while weakening Qatar (which also wants to sell natural gas). Therefore, stopping this pipeline is a very big deal.


Yup. It’s that pipeline, and it’s a very big deal for Iran. So, that’s more than enough of a reason to support the Assads in Damascus. But, that’s not all of the story.

The leadership of Iran has invested itself in the idea that the Mahdi is coming. In fact, they say that he’s already here. Their description of what will happen when this Mahdi reveals himself… well, it’s bad news. And, it appears that the Iranians are getting into the ‘prophecy fulfillment’ business.


Russia is in the natural gas business. Literally. Gazprom has offices inside the Kremlin. Dmitry Medvedev, president of Russia from 2008 to 2012 was also chairman of the board for Gazprom. And, Gazprom is a part of the natural gas pipeline being built between Iran and Syria. In fact, Gazprom is a big part of ALL the natural gas pipelines being built by Iran.

Russia also doesn’t like the US getting involved in areas of strategic Russian interest. Syria has been a close ally for decades, and Russia wants to keep that alliance. The Syrian port in Tartus is very useful to the Russians. And, Syria provides Russia with a presence in the most important region on the planet.

Having said all that, I’m convinced that there’s something more. Otherwise, Russia wouldn’t threaten World War III and the eventual use of nuclear weapons.

Turkey, Jordan and Israel

The players physically closest to the conflict are involved due to geography. Furthermore, Israel and Jordan are beholden to the US. Turkey wants Syria to stop meddling with the Kurds and probably dreams of Ottoman Empire 2.0.

The Point is…

The point is that the official story about Syria is a lie. This lie is leading us to the next World War, and the Russians have promised that nuclear weapons will be involved.

Are you ready for this?

Extremely Dangerous Times – Jim Willie


Syria, Pipeline Politics, OPEC & the USDollar



If you find a flaw in my reasoning, or wish to offer a different explanation, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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