Syria, Pipeline Politics, OPEC & the USDollar – Jim Willie

Think of this as a reprise of my short series, Extremely Dangerous Times. In actuality, it should be the other way around. What I am introducing now is the inspiration for the interview that resulted in Extremely Dangerous Times. And, it lays out the conditions for that dreadful event, the coming of Gog and Magog.

Jim Willie is not a Christian, so he will undoubtedly be confused at the connection that I make here. But, for those of us who have been puzzled over why Gog and Magog would come down and attack Israel, Jim Willie’s analysis makes the whole thing much, much clearer.


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Unfortunately, Jim’s writing style is sparse and punchy. He doesn’t spend a lot of time explaining what he is saying and relies on your previous knowledge to fill in the gaps. Those of us who’ve listened to him before will understand what is missing, especially those of us who have experience with banking, finance, the Middle East, Russia, oil and banksterism.

That’s saying a lot, and I have hesitated to present this article because reading through it is going to be a bit difficult for most of you. However, it is one of the few articles that gets to the heart of the current situation, as well as laying an important milestone on the way to fulfillment of prophecy.

So, read the article as best you can, and ask me questions. I will be happy to clarify as much as I can, directly and in future articles.

(Oh, and notice how Peak Oil figures in all of this. Jim makes reference to declining Saudi oil reserves without explicitly mentioning the worldwide decline in global crude oil output.)

Are you ready for this?


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Here are the first few paragraphs of the article by Jim Willie on Silver Doctors:

Syria is about the last gasp for the Petro-Dollar, the emergence of energy pipeline geopolitics, the rise of the NatGas Co-op, the new dominance of Russian Gazprom, the eclipse of OPEC, the fall of the house of Saud, and a grand adjustment process in global commerce and banking.

The NatGas Co-op eclipses OPEC and ushers in a new era.

Jim Willie: Syria, Pipeline Politics, OPEC & the USDollar

By Jim Willie,

Refer to trade settlement outside the USDollar and diversification away from USTreasury Bond reserves management. It took some time to realize it, but the Cyprus bank incident was a misdirected attack against Gazprom. It failed. The entire Arab Spring movement, an ambitious disruptive project waged with foolhardy ambitions, has turned on itself. Egypt fell, its US puppet discharged. The entire North African region will be in flames soon. The USGovt interfered with a grand industrialization project for European industry, to be placed on North Africa intended to take advantage of cheaper labor, available minerals, nearby resources, and easy shipping. The resentment of Europe will show up in the future. The Middle East and Persian Gulf region is shifting its salute to Russia & China, as the noisy sectarian battles have been a common fixture since long ago. Bahrain has erupted. Saudi is clamping down and converting into an Islamic police state to create the Iran-Saudi repressive bobsey twins. Chaos is the longstanding objective of the USGovt in foreign policy infection, no change in decades.

Syria is about a lot of things, most of which are volatile, many unsolvable. To be sure, the naval port of Tartus is valuable for the Russian Military, always eager to wrest a seaport. Like Lebanon, Syria is a hotbed stronghold for HezBollah, never to be taken lightly. They are mortal enemies to Israel, whose nations have exchanged covert violence for years. Syria might have tight relations with the Shiites of Iran, even some in Iraq. However, Syria represents the crossroads of many important shifting geopolitical roadways that pertain to the global financial structure and commercial systems. Syria is the tipping point for a Grand Global Paradigm Shift. It is the last stand for the Anglo Banker world. Syria will not go easily into the Russian camp, into the Gazprom fold, into the European energy market sphere. For if it does, the entire USDollar system of commerce and the USTreasury Bond system of reserves management will fall by the wayside and open a new era with Eastern dominance. But the Western powers cannot stop it. Clouds of whatever type do not halt pipeline flow, nor pipeline geopolitics.

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