Extremely Dangerous Times III – Jim Willie

In this last segment of Extremely Dangerous Times, we’re going to talk about the first eight questions that listeners asked Jim in the Goldseek Webinar on September 9th. I dealt with the last and ninth question on Friday.

These eight questions were wide ranging. He was asked about the survival of the House of Saud and the petrodollar. He was asked about war in Syria and the stock market. He even got into the best country to store gold, the true value of silver vs. gold, the chance of a US confiscation of gold, and the Canadian bail-in law.

The first question starts after the 39 minute mark in the webinar, and you can jump into it by clicking the link, here:


But, I highly recommend that you start with his ten minute introduction that begins here:


You can find parts one and two of this series, here:

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Here is an edited-for-length summary of the eight questions above. The links will send you directly to the audio portion for that question in the webinar.


Question 1: Will the House of Saud survive the current mideast turmoil and keep the petrodollar alliance with the US alive. If so, for how long.


No, no, and the petrodollar alliance is crumbling right now.

One of his sources indicates that three years ago, agreements were made to bring in the Russians and Chinese to replace the US in the protectorate role in the Persian Gulf.

And, he provides a great deal of secondary evidence to back up this evidence. The Chinese are everywhere in the Persian Gulf.

Iran, on the other hand, is getting in tight with the Russians. Iran also has very close relations with the Chinese.

Also, the Saudis are on borrowed time. They have 40 thousand prisoners who they jailed for simply speaking out against Islam. Expect disorder in Saudi Arabia to increase, not decrease.

The Chinese and the Russians are working together to oppose the United States in the Perisan Gulf, and everywhere else.

And, via their natural gas pipeline system, the Russians are constructing a gigantic noose around the US Petrodollar – and capture Western Europe as a commercial partner. This will lead to a political ‘change of the guard’ in Europe as they reallign with Russia and China.

He doesn’t know when the House of Saud is going to fall, but there are indications that it’s just ‘dead-man-walking’, right now. They’re on death row. Look for hundreds of billionaire Saudi princes to escape with their wealth to the coasts of Spain, because they like it there.

The Saudis are so cooked, it’s not even funny.


Question 2: Could a war with Syria be used to take the stock market down? Is it a smokescreen for the Fed’s tapering coming up?


It could be. He said that he doesn’t pay much attention to the gold prices or the US stock prices.

Stock and gold prices are completely managed. Stock prices are pushed up. Gold prices are pushed down.

The Saudis are running the whole thing in Syria. As the Syrian stress level increases with Syria, look for foreigners to sell their treasury bonds and for the ten year yield to rise.

He made a prediction a month ago that we’ll see 3.0% bond yields on 10 year treasury bonds soon. And, we are just about there.

That will be the reason why stocks fall.

The free money monetary policy is keeping the stocks up, and the war and threat of war is going to keep interest rates up. This will make stocks very unstable. Rising bond yields will push stocks down. Free money (QE) will push stocks up.

The Chinese are going into Africa, buying assets using Treasury bonds. The Africans are then cashing them in with the United States.

The other interesting thing is that the Chinese have already decided to pay for all their oil and natural gas from Russia, in US Treasury Bonds.

The channels are being stuffed with Treasury Bonds being sent back to the United States.

This is why QE tapering will NEVER happen.

[Remember that this discussion was BEFORE the Fed decided ‘that they weren’t going to taper QE’. So, another Jim Willie prediction that was correct.]


Question 3: Do you have faith in offshore storage facilities [for gold]?


For vaulting services, he considers Singapore, Dubai, and Hong Kong as places that he considers to be safe, honest brokers.

Switzerland, London and New York are NOT honest brokers, and NOT a good places to store your gold.

He made an interesting comment:

London is the center of global fascism.

Any place that has a lack of cooperation with the United States is a good place to do bullion banking.

And, according to very good sources, Hong Kong is the best place to store your gold.


Question 4: Is it true that silver is (or will be) more rare than gold? And, will silver catch up to the price of gold, in price terms?


200 years ago, was when silver became more rare than gold. It was certainly more rare 50 and 20 and 10 years ago.

In fact, 2006 and 2007 the United States government drained its entire silver stockpile.

Central banks don’t have any silver, but they have plenty of gold. Industry demands silver and a trifling amount of gold.

From a supply basis, silver wins [ie., it’s rare]

From a demand basis, silver wins [i.e., lots of people want it]

We’ve have a situation where… for the last four years, we’ve had an accute shortages of silver. And, we’re approaching defaults.

The entire MF Global incident in 2011 was over a silver default under JP Morgan management. They decided to not deliver the silver that they did not have, and decided instead to steal the accounts of all those standing in line for silver delivery.

There is a MASSIVE shortage shortage in silver.

The accurate conversion rate between silver and gold, should be eleven to one – [not 60.61 to 1, like it is today].

I’ve been told by reliable sources that things are being set up for Silver and Gold to be the bi-metalic standard for trade settlement.

When the conversions take place, the BRICS central bank will convert all the trade surplus in US Treasury Bonds to gold bullion.

Jim thinks that Silver will go to 200 – 300 dollars , and five to seven thousand for gold.


Question 5: About the bail-in law in Canada.


Jim believes that the Cyprus banking bail-in situation was an attack against Gazprom and Russia which does all of their intermediate banking in Cyprus.

Jim also believes that the bail-in provisions are a poison-pill to keep the government off of the backs of the big banks.

One possible trigger for bail-ins will be the interest rate derivatives. If the 10 year treasury bond yield hits 3% (or more).

He recommends that everyone do their banking with as small a bank as possible. Credit are probably the safest of all.


Question 6: Could world stockmarkets be taken down in favor of US Treasury Bonds as a safe haven.


That was the way it was in the past. But, we’re going to see money go out of bonds and into gold and silver.

Big time losses are coming with US Treasury Bonds.

Massive trillion dollar losses are going to happen, coming out of bonds.


Question 7: What is the chance of a US confiscation of Gold or Silver.


Jim thinks that there is a better chance for gun confiscation.

If there’s going to be a gold confiscation, it will be a backdoor kind of thing. For instance, the CIA is going into bank deposit boxes and taking the gold that they find there.


Question 8: About OPEC and natural gas (you can’t run cars on natural gas)


Parallel to stocks. The value of stocks are determined at the margin. The core holder of stocks aren’t determining price.

The stable core has been the oil industry.

The gas industry has been at the margin. The margin is natural gas.

Look at pipelines. In Europe, all the pipelines that you see are natural gas pipelines.

As Western Europe becomes a dedicated Russian Gazprom client, you’re going to see Russia telling Western European nations what to do. And, it’s going to be done behind the scenes.

Would it be interesting if Putin starts playing the Gazprom card – which is exactly what Jim thinks is coming.

As Gazprom and the natgas co-op gain more power, you’re going to see Saudi Arabia splinter away [from the US] and announce that other currencies are acceptable for purchasing oil. And, they will quietly accept gold.

As the Saudi core weakens for OPEC, you’re going to see OPEC become totally irrelevant in the next year, year and a half, or so – when the climax events come. And, you’re going to see the rise of Gazprom and Putin calling shots behind the scenes in Western Europe not the London bankers.

So, a big paradigm shift is coming.


You can find parts one and two of this series, here:

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