Preparing For a Second Holocaust

Yesterday, I mentioned that there is going to be a second Holocaust. Zechariah 13:8 says that two thirds of the population of Israel will be killed, and the survivors will be ‘brought through the fire’ (v. 9). Other prophecies describe conditions that are eerily like the aftermath of a nuclear war. And, the US seems determined to start World War III in the Middle East, even though Russia has warned that the result would be nuclear.

Only a fool would ignore this, and I don’t see either of us as fools. So, what can we do?

First, stay away from ground zero. If you live near a place that looks like a big target for a nuclear weapon, I suggest moving as far away from that target as possible. The whole of the United States is a very big target, indeed. So is Tel Aviv, which makes me sick to think about.

Second, do not forget the aftermath. Since any nuclear war will be fought between the US, Russia and maybe China, the fallout should be concentrated in the Northern Hemisphere. So, think think about moving to the Southern Hemisphere. May I suggest South America?

If you’re in Israel, move to Jerusalem.

All of this is hard to imagine, and I’m still struggling with all of this myself. How could anyone be so insane as to fight a war with nuclear weapons?

But, we human beings ARE that insane.

And, even if we are spared a nuclear war, we are still rushing into a financial and societal collapse in the US and elsewhere. You would do well to move to South America for that reason alone. Think about finding a society that still has some idea about traditional values and isn’t far removed from their ‘agrarian‘ roots.

Do you remember the adage, prepare for the worst and hope for the best?

Well ‘the worst’ is very bad indeed.

Are you ready for this?