Second Holocaust

I have finally been dragged, kicking and screaming, to the realization that there will be a second Holocaust. For more than twenty years, I have done everything that I can think of to deny even the possibility that this would – or even could – happen. But, I just can’t deny the obvious anymore. There is going to be a second Holocaust, and there’s nothing that you and I can do to stop it.

This final, dreadful realization came to me as I watched the world powers set up for a confrontation that future historians will call World War III – and we will call the fulfillment of prophecy. Russia has repeatedly warned the US that future armed conflict will include nuclear weapons, and the United States has ignored this warning. Furthermore, the US is backing Russia and her allies into a corner, forcing Russia into choosing to fight, or suffer a crippling economic and political loss – as well as a dramatic loss in security.

Russia will NEVER accept such a loss, and will always choose to fight under such conditions. And, when Russia fights, they will do so using their most powerful weapons to ensure victory. The use of overwhelming force is the key component to Russian military doctrine, and the Russians are not afraid to use nuclear weapons as a part of their strategy.

Remember this:


They are not afraid of either the political fallout, or the radioactive fallout. They aren’t afraid of ecological damage or even the price that the rest of the world will pay as a result. They are afraid of one thing, and one thing only – losing the next big war.

Worse, everything that I read in the Bible appears to reflect these terrible facts. The prophecies about the last days in the Bible continually refer to fiery devastation, stars that do not shine, an obscured moon, and a diminished sun.

The chessboard is being set up for the last big confrontation between the big powers, and nuclear weapons are on the board.

Are you ready for this?