Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack – Accident?

Now, this is an interesting idea. What if the Syrian chemical weapons attack was actually an accident?

Militarily, there was no reason why the Assad government would use chemical weapons against the rebels. The area where the attack occurred was not militarily significant, and an attack there would have been a useless gesture, especially with a UN chemical weapons inspection team already nearby, on the ground. Furthermore, it has been clear for a while that the Assad regime has been winning their battle against the rebels. So, why would they use chemical weapons?

Cui bono?

Always ask that question – especially in the Middle East. Cui bono is Latin for ‘who benefits’, and it is clear that the Assad government would not have benefited from a chemical weapons attack in the Ghouta suburb of Damascus.

But, at the same time, the chemical weapons attack seemed badly timed and badly handled for the rebels to completely benefit. It seemed premature and inelegant. There was no big ‘photo op’, just a lot of little photos and little videos.

So, could this ‘gas attack’ have been an accident?

Could it be that chemical explosives were given to poorly trained and poorly managed rebels, who mishandled them?

Someone once said that terrorists blow themselves up with boring regularity. In Gaza, they call this a ‘work accident’, and it happens all the time. Handling explosives is a dangerous game.

But, it is Saudi intelligence that is the one playing a game – a very deep game. And, they have been playing that game for a long, long time. The House of Saud is trying to reshape the Middle East, and it doesn’t seem to be working quite as well as they planned.

As I have said before, I want to see the Assad regime taken down and replaced with something more benign – not wahhabist thugs funded by Saudi monarchs.


I cannot verify the veracity of the following articles, but they provide a better explanation than the one bandied about by the US State Department:

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