Celebrating The Gleiwitz Incident

When Barack Obama came forward, on August 31st, to announce his intention to start World War III, I doubt that he knew that he was celebrating one of the most infamous False Flag events in human history, The Gleiwitz Incident. And, it’s appropriate that he would do so, because the Syrian chemical weapons incident might also be a False Flag. (The Syrian government is many things, but stupid isn’t one of them.)

The Gleiwitz Incident occurred on August 31st, 1939. German Schutzstaffel troops, dressed as Polish soldiers attacked a German radio station as a part of a larger series of incidents called Operation Konserve (aka, Operation Himmler). The next day, September 1st, Germany invaded Poland.  That was 74 years ago. Isn’t it amazing how history repeats itself?

Now, before you get upset at my reluctance to attack Syria, you need to know that I have nothing but antipathy towards the murderous regime in Damascus. The Assad family are murderous thugs and are complicit in the murder of thousands upon thousands of innocent Israelis. The government of Syria needs to be taken down, as long as it’s not replaced by something worse.

And, this is the problem.

Replacing the murderous Alawite Government of Syria with a murderous Wahhabi Government of Syria does not strike me as a smart idea, especially since the Syrian Civil War appears to be a Saudi Intelligence operation supported by the CIA and Turkey. The fact that we are unnecessarily provoking the Russian government is just ‘icing on the cake’.

All of this is leading to global war, a massive loss of human life and the rise of global tyranny.

You and I cannot stop this, but we can prepare. We have a duty to God, our families and our communities to be ready when the worst comes. Go back to what I wrote on Friday, here:


I do not know how much time we have, so get started now.


Doug Hagmann posted a chilling article on Thursday that you need to pay attention to:

This is the most dangerous time in modern history-intelligence insider update

By Douglas J. Hagmann

29 August 2013: “We’re in the most dangerous time in modern world history and here’s why, here’s what’s happening,” stated my source deep within the spy world early this morning. “We’re seeing a combination of a nine-percent overall approval rating for intervention in Syria, or the absence of public support for the globalist plans by the Obama regime, the UK, the Saudis and other NATO allies. When have we seen this before, and what does history tell us? The increased likelihood of a false flag event larger and causing more public outrage than the alleged chemical weapons attacks.”

My source continued, “think Gulf of Tonkin, the Lusitania, even Pearl Harbor, use those as your historical guides for what we’re seeing today. Make no mistake, the global agenda has not changed,” he emphasized. “When their primary plan backfires or meets resistance, they have alternate plans. In the coming days or weeks, we could see an event that will be horrendous enough to change that nine-percent backing. Also, time is not on their side, they need to act within a short window as the anti-Assad ‘rebels’ are being beaten badly without Western assistance.”

Benghazi, briefly

“Remember what happened in Benghazi and our many conversations about what was really going on there, which you printed and the reports have since been proven correct. It was all about arming and training anti-Assad fighters, including the instructional use of chemical weapons in Turkey and elsewhere, along the border of Syria. People seem to forget that the Turkish consulate met Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, the CIA logistics center, to show him that the Russians had satellite images of this training activity. Putin was not amused and gave Turkey an ultimatum, which was delivered to the United States at Benghazi.”

“Russia, however, had to do something to expose the operation for what it was. The primary attacking force was Ansar al Sharia, a military arm of Iran, which is a proxy nation state of Russia. Connect the dots. Do people really think Assad used chemical weapons on a retreating rebel force?”

Pawns a-Plenty – Setting the global chessboard

“Look at all of the military assets being moved into that region. I told you last October, and you reported it, that we are engaged in a proxy war against Russia and China. Both countries have a huge stake in Syria, militarily and economically, especially Russia. Oh, and is John McCain out of his [multiple expletives deleted] mind? This designated loser of the 2008 presidential campaign is talking as if any action in Syria is going to happen in a vacuum. As I said before, any action will not be in a vacuum or without a tit-for-tat response,” stated this source.

“Launching cruise missiles into Syria will likely fall not only upon innocent civilians, but on Iranian forces, Russian forces – Russia has over 100,000 ‘military advisors there now, and perhaps even some Chinese assets. What do you think their response will be?” he asked rhetorically. “This is asymmetrical warfare on steroids. The response might not be what everyone expects. In fact, we should be looking for the unexpected, as we are about to be blindsided.”


Read the rest of his article, here:


Or, here:


Are you ready for this?

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