Wake up, Grow up, and Stand up

The article, Wake up, Grow up, and Stand up, caught my attention with its title. It kept my attention with this sentence:

If you keep waiting for a moment of clarity before you shift gears and take appropriate action, it is going to be too late to take meaningful actions that you can feel good about.


And, that sentence was a part of Durable Faith‘s opening statement for his/her article:


Those who are asleep to the events transpiring around us are not physically, emotionally, or spiritually prepared for what is coming.

I know you are busy. The 9 to 5 grind is tough. Staying married is tough. Raising kids is tough. Making a living in this economy is tough. Sometimes life gets tough and sometimes bad stuff happens. When it does we have to deal with it. Now is one of the times. If you keep waiting for a moment of clarity before you shift gears and take appropriate action, it is going to be too late to take meaningful actions that you can feel good about. Let this post be your moment of clarity.


Durable Faith is saying that if you wait until it is COMPLETELY clear to YOU that disaster is coming… well, it will be too late.

When the stock market crashes – and it will – you will not be able to rescue the assets that you have there.

When the banking system fails – and it will – you will not be able to get to get your money out, before it gets taken.

When true tyranny comes – and it will – you will not be able to get yourself and your family out, before YOU get taken.

You need to Grow Up. You need to treat what is coming seriously. Read your Bible. Everything that is happening now is in there. Believe it. And then, you need to do your research so that you can warn others.

You need to Stand Up. You need to decide what the best course of action is, and do it.

I believe that you need to relocate. Get to a foreign country that offers some kind of protection from what is coming. I did that, and you can too. (Try to relocate to a place that has traditional values and knows how to live without fossil fuels. I did that, too.)

If that’s too radical for you, at least relocate within your country, to a place that is relatively MORE safe. I do not think that this will be good enough. Your choice.

If even in-country relocation is too radical, at least have a place prepared (a ‘bug-out location’) that you can get to when the situation falls apart. In many cases, you have 72 hours to get to safety when certain kinds of disasters hit. Your ‘bug-out location’ should be well away from interstate highways and 100-150 miles from a city.

Buy gold – it’s portable and everyone believes in it.

Buy silver – it’s cheaper and of more fundamental value. (Lots and lots of industrial demand, and its current price is hugely undervalued.)

Buy durable food, and store it. Freeze-dried food is a bit more expensive, but it can last 25 years.

Keep enough fuel in your car to get to your ‘bug-out location’. Alternatively, store some gasoline in your garage.

Pack a backpack with emergency supplies and keep it in your car. We call it a ‘bug-out bag’. Have one for everyone in your family.

Find a church that understands all of this.

Read your Bible.



Read what Durable Faith has to say, here:



2 thoughts on “Wake up, Grow up, and Stand up”

  1. John,

    Thanks for passing this on. I agree with your comments. I did not relocate out of the country, but I would have if I could have. And who knows, if the Lord tarry’s I may still have that opportunity. But I am glad you got out. Any advice on what countries to be looking at? Have researched Chile, Paraguay, Honduras, and Thailand. Where did you end up? (If you feel comfortable saying)

    • Durablefaith,

      Can I assume that you are the same Durablefaith that inspired this article?

      If so, thank you. Keep up the good work, and may God bless you.

      I am currently in Taiwan and looking for an opportunity to get back to Jerusalem. I must say that serving God has been my primary reason for being abroad. In fact, I had been living in Taiwan for six months when I finally started to wake up to the fact that my fellow Americans were in terrible danger.

      I have also thought about Central and South America, and have been encouraging friends and relatives to go there (at least those willing to listen). Having said that, James Wesley Rawles of http://www.survivalblog.com talks about something that he calls The American Redoubt: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, eastern Oregon, and eastern Washington. His comments are compelling, and I believe that everyone should consider them.

      The worst place to be, right now, is in a major city. Get as far away from them, as you can. Make sure that you have neighbors that you can trust. Most of all, seek the Lord’s direction.

      Again, thank you Durablefaith. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little,


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