The Last Big Shock Is Coming

logoWe face four of the biggest challenges that we have ever faced. In fact, it has been five thousand years since we faced anything like these challenges. Any one of them would destroy us, and they are coming down upon us all at once, in one last big shock – an Omega Shock.

And, we are ignoring it.

Challenge Number One: Natural Resource Collapse

The discovery of fossil fuels enabled us to harvest ever greater amounts of natural resources. This cornucopia revolutionized our civilization and ushered in a golden age of communication, education, art, travel, science and an incredible technology.

In fact, growth became natural to us. We expected our economies to grow. We expected our population to grow. We expected our access to natural resources to grow. And, we taught each other that these expectations were normal, natural and reasonable.

We forgot that there were limits.

We have overshot those limits without realizing it, and history shows us that war is always the result. And, because this challenge is truly global, the wars that have already begun will also be truly global.

Challenge Number Two: Financial Collapse

Over the past century, our civilization has been on a long march deeper and deeper into debt. We convinced ourselves that this debt was manageable because we had the ability to increase our productivity and grow ourselves out of debt.

We failed.

Because of our failure, society faces a catastrophic collapse of the financial system. The collapse has already begun, but the worst has yet to arrive. All that we have done to date is temporarily stave off collapse and make the end result so very much worse. The result will be a nightmare of violence, disorder and death.

When this happens, our globalist society will cry out for a strong man to take over the reigns of power and save them from this terrible calamity.

Challenge Number Three: Lucifer

We call him Satan, which is a descriptive word from the Hebrew, meaning ‘adversary’ and therefore should be pronounced sah-tahn and not say-ten. But really, pronounce it any way that suits you. No matter how you say it, Satan is pure-distilled evil.

Now, Satan would prefer to be called Lucifer, which is a Latin derived name that means Light Bringer. Satan’s followers call him Lucifer, and they revel in this ‘light’ that he brings. They also revel in the power, wealth and strength that he has given them.

As our society grew, so grew Satan’s power and following. In fact, if you do the math, never before in the history of mankind has Satan ever had as large a group following him. Never before has there been as much wealth concentrated and held by the followers of Lucifer – the Luciferians. Never before have so many weapons been held by government. Never before have so many governments been under Luciferian control.

Lucifer is poised to completely take over the world, and we allowed him to do it.

Challenge Number Four: God

As we increased in wealth, we turned away from God. We turned towards easy belief and easy wealth. Size became important.

And, The Bible?

Well, you didn’t want to read too much of it. It was confusing. It was difficult. It told you things that you didn’t want to hear. It said things like size and wealth were dangerous.

The Bible talked about persecution and difficulty in life, so we turned to people that preached a prosperity doctrine and a pretribulation rapture.

We went on to become indistinguishable from the rest of the world. The divorce rate among Christians is about the same. The abortion rate among Christians is about the same. Most of our pastors have a problem with pornography and adultery – just like the rest of the world. And, our churches have become fixated on money, entertainment and the comfort and size of our church buildings.



Is it any wonder that we are unready for what is coming upon us?

Never before has God’s people been so weak and worldly – except, maybe during the time just before The Flood.

Doesn’t that tell you something?


These four challenges are coming together to give us the biggest shock the world has ever seen – an Omega Shock.

Are you ready for this?

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