The Rapture That Wasn’t

It was Wednesday, June 7th, 1967, and my dad was driving through Indianapolis on his way to work and listening to the radio. Everyone had been listening to reports about the war in Israel, and Dad was intent on what was happening.

He’d been going to classes at a local seminary, where his instructor taught that The Rapture would occur when Jerusalem was captured by the Jews. Almost every seminary was teaching this, so you could imagine the interest that many Christians had in what was going on in Israel.

When the announcer mentioned that Jerusalem had been captured by Israel, my dad gasped in shock. The Jews were in control of Jerusalem, and he hadn’t been raptured.

When he got to work at the IU Medical Center, he rushed to his phone and called his teacher at the seminary.

No answer.

Then he called my mom.

No answer.

Then he called his mom.

No answer.

By this time, you can imagine EXACTLY what he was thinking. Everyone that he knew to be a Christian had been raptured, and he had been LEFT BEHIND.

Of course, he eventually reached my mom at home, who had a two month-old baby to take care of – me.

Why did they believe that the Christians would be raptured when the Jews captured Jerusalem?

Well, they knew that Jerusalem was THE KEY to the prophecies of the Last Days. Because of what Jesus spoke of in Luke 21, everyone who treated the Bible seriously knew that the beginning point for the Last Days was the recapture of Jerusalem by the Jews. And, if you believed in the Pretribulation Rapture Theory, well The Rapture HAD to happen at that moment.

It made so much sense, but it was so much wrong. And, it was wrong because it was based upon a lie.

It is time to wake up and realize that the Jesuit Pretribulation Rapture Theory is a FRAUD.