Do The Math

Having just finished my Apocalypse Series, I’m struck by the similar elements in each disaster that we face. We are about to enter a state of catastrophic resource depletion. We suffer under catastrophic public and private debt. There has been a massive explosion in repression, violence, depression and immorality.

It’s as if we have collectively lost our mind.

It’s as if we have lost our ability to think clearly.

Have we all gone insane?

I think that we have.

(Of course, this assumes that we’ve EVER suffered that rare condition called sanity.)

We act like the poor San Francisco stockbroker who ran straight off a cliff. We know the route we’re running, but we’re enjoying ourselves too much to watch where we’re going.

A very good friend of mine once said that a lottery is a tax on those who can’t do math. That phrase has stuck in my mind and richly describes our society.

We can’t do math. We dumb down our educational system and wonder why our kids don’t know anything. We set our kids in front of a TV all day and wonder why they don’t have any morals. We go to feel-good churches and wonder why so many pastors are caught ‘sleeping around’. We call ourselves Christian, but never read our Bible. We treat God seriously for an hour on Sunday and think that this is enough for the rest of the week.

We’re all alcoholics. We keep telling ourselves that we don’t have a problem because we can stop any time we want.

Do the math. We have more public and private debt than we cannot possibly repay, which means that our financial system is going to crash. We have reached the peak in global natural resources – especially energy – so our resource intensive civilization is going to crash. Our society has become lazy, immoral and amoral, so you can guess what is going to happen when our way of life crashes.

Are you listening?

Do. The. Math.


Truth lives a wretched life,
but always survives a lie.