Two years ago, I stumbled across something that knocked me down and shook me up. In other words, it was a revelation.

When ancient Greeks suffered such a revelation, they referred to it as ἀποκάλυψις, or apocálypsis (normally, with the involvement of some diety). Of course, we don’t say ‘apocalypsis’. We say ‘apocalypse’.

How do we use ‘apocalypse’ today?

When we say ‘apocalypse’, we mean disaster. That is because the Book of Revelation, which is chock full of disaster, was written in Greek. And, the title of the book?

Ἀποκάλυψις Ἰωάννου, or ‘Apocalypsis Ioannou’

Of course, we Anglicized it to: The Apocalypse of John. Then, we Anglicized it even more and simply called it Revelation.

However, when people use the word ‘apocalypse’, they always mean disaster – a disaster of epic proportions. Always. Very few of us actually understand the true meaning of the word.

Having said all that, I find myself contemplating both epic disaster and true revelation. More than two years ago, I had a revelation of a coming epic disaster that threatened to destroy our civilization. It was April 5, 2011.

On April 4th, I was laid-back. I was in love with my wife (still am) and generally at peace with the world. The next day, April 5th, I was in shock. It took me a while to recover enough to write about it, but I eventually wrote about my experience, here:

How I Got to be So Hysterical – May 5th, 2011

That was my first ‘apocalypse’, and it was all about Iran.

Just three months later, I suffered my next apocalypse:

chrismartenson.com – July 29, 2011

This one was about the fact that our oil supply was beginning to fail.

Being knocked down twice in three months is rough, but I dutifully got up and put both of my ‘apocalypses’ together and wrote:

Putting It All Together – Aug 1st, 2011

But, that wasn’t all of it – not by a long shot. I still had no idea how bad things were.

Once I began to see how bad off we were financially, I started digging around and stumbled across the book, Aftershock. Reading that resulted in my third apocalypse:

Aftershock – Conclusion First – Aug 22nd, 2011

That book is earth-shaking. Read that, and you will KNOW that we are in trouble. Put that together with our failing oil supply and the threat of Iran…

Well, you get a shock that is so much greater than anything that we have ever seen before. Nothing will compare to what’s coming. Nothing. It’s the last shock, the Omega (the last letter in the Greek alphabet). That’s why I created and named this website omegashock.

So, we’re at three apocalypses, right?

(Well, there’s another one, and it’s worse than all the rest.)

I spent the next several months watching in disbelief as world governments continued to increase and accelerate their national debts. The complete insanity was shocking. Worse, the average person refused to believe that there was anything wrong.

Eventually, I gave up in disgust and spent the Summer volunteering with our ‘home church’ in Jerusalem. I needed to escape the heat of Taipei, and I was desperate for good humous and a shawarma. I was also tired of speaking to an empty room. But, I kept doing research. (I’m big on research.)

That’s when I ran across something that made sense of some of the insanity. That’s why I wrote:

Trying to Figure It Out – January 14, 2013

followed by:

Stupid Greed Plus Something Else – January 17, 2013

And then, by:

Luciferians – January 18, 2013

Finally, I wrote:

Illuminati – January 22, 2013

Yeah, THOSE guys.

THAT was my fourth apocalypse.

For the next seven months, I wrote about little else. The Luciferians and the Illuminati were such a big subject… and so horrifying… that you could imagine why I pretty much ignored everything, other than that.

Then, last week, I was reminded that I had not ‘put everything together’. Here’s the result of that bit of ‘apocalypse’:

20 Years of Death – July 19, 2013

You’d think, after suffering one shock after another, that I would get used to this.

I’m not, and I’m still in shock.


Here’s last Friday’s video. It’s only 30 minutes. You need to watch it:

There’s No Tomorrow (peak oil, energy, growth & the future)
Video by Incubate Pictures

God help us all.