Satan Hates Israel

By now, you know something about who the ‘bad guys’ are. Everyone has their own personal experience with evil and probably knows something about what an evil organization looks like. I’ve spent a lot of time on this website describing evil organizations and what they look like.

Have you noticed that every single one of those organizations hates Israel?

No. I do NOT mean dislike. I mean HATE.

Every organization created by the Illuminati hates Israel. The CFR hates Israel. The United Nations hates Israel. Every left wing political group on the planet hates Israel. Every right wing political group on the planet hates Israel.

There are only two groups of people who show ANY love for Israel: Jews and Christians.

I hear a ‘yes, but what about…’ coming. There DO seem to be organizations that show some favoritism to Israel, that say nice things about the Jewish state. Do you notice who they are trying to appeal to?

That’s right. Jews and Christians.

Now, I have a Christian audience on this website, and most of you actually believe what the Bible says. Have you noticed the number of Christians who believe what the Bible says? Have you noticed that we are declining in numbers? Have you noticed that Christian support for Israel is declining?

Yeah. I noticed that too.

Have you noticed also how much Satan hates the Jews? Throughout history, what was the one group of people that were the most persecuted, after the Christians?

That’s right. The Jews.

When the Catholics were killing the Christians, who were they also killing?

The Jews.

Did you ever notice how the Jewish communities in communist countries flourished? Yeah. Not so much.

What is the common factor of all this hatred?


Doesn’t that tell you something?

Our greatest enemy is Satan, and our enemy is actively trying to destroy Israel.

Think about that.

While you are thinking, get out your Bible and read it. A half an hour a day will get you through the whole thing in a year. And, when you run across a prophetic reference to Israel, think about what that means.

Could it be that God loves Israel and has plans for her?

If so, you need to sit up and pay attention.