The Illuminati Are Not Zionist, Part 3

What’s the hallmark of the Illuminati?

Control. Absolute control.

The Illuminati are the biggest control freaks on the planet. They are amazingly hierarchical and demand blind obedience within that hierarchy.

This is why they spent so much time and effort developing trauma-based mind control. They live in complete fear of someone who is not under their direct control, and a mind-controlled slave makes them feel ‘safe’.

Beyond control, they are also into deference, bowing and scraping, yes sir, no sir and all of that. In their minds, they are the true super race, and they want you to give obeisance to them.

If you’ve lived in Israel long enough, you learn that This. Just. Doesn’t. Happen. Israelis call their prime ministers by their first name. When they see their prime minister in a shop they say ‘hi’ and tell him what they think. (At least, that’s how it used to be.)

(The problem is that the creeps have been creeping in, but I’ll leave THAT for part 4.)

The thing is, Israeli culture is directly antagonistic to elitism – at least, the elitism in the Illuminati style.

I remember when Elton John came to give a concert in Tel Aviv. He went completely berserk because Israelis made him stand in line like anyone else, when he flew into Ben Gurion Airport and went through visa control. Israelis are not impressed by how famous you are. In fact, the more you demand special treatment, the less treatment you get.

I love that.

Israelis are also not very good at following orders. On many different occasions, prime ministers have told the Israel Defense Force (IDF) to do something, and the IDF refused. In fact, Israeli generals are very good at telling politicians where to go when their orders make no sense.

Israeli military units also have a history of disobeying nonsense. Not too long ago, the Golani Brigade, the elite combat infantry of the IDF, went on strike because a new commander decided to change the internal dynamics of the Golani.

Obedience. Control. Elitism. These are the hallmarks of the Illuminati, and they are as far from the character of Zionism as you can possibly get.

When you look at Israel and Israeli society, there is just no way that any sane person can conclude that the Illuminati are Zionist. There is just no way.

And, there is far, far more evidence that this is true. These pages just cannot contain all of that evidence – for now. (But, some of that evidence can be found here:

The Illuminati tried to destroy Israel because she would not and could not be controlled. They failed each and every time they tried. So, they changed their strategy.

As they say, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, and that’s what they’ve been trying to do.

More on THAT, in part four.

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