The Illuminati Are Not Zionist, Part 2

Have you ever thought about what kind of person a member of the Illuminati is?

Lots and lots of money. Pretty wife and gorgeous mistress. The best cars. The best house. Vacation homes everywhere. Finest clothes. Finest food. Is on a first name basis with men of power. Sophisticated.

That’s the Illuminati.

What were the original Zionists like?


And, their ideals? What they were shooting for? Their goals?


Seriously, that was it. They had a vision of a remade Jewish people – a people of the land. They thought that if they could reconnect with the land and find a place where they could get away from the cities, get away from Europe, they could build something new in themselves.

They even wanted to break free from the past. For a short time, they thought about setting up farming communities in Africa. But, the past would not break free from them.

So, they asked the Ottoman Empire if they could set up farming communities in that narrow strip of land on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea – the Levant. And, they did.

They bought wasteland and turned it into paradise. They drained the swamps and conquered malaria. They built shops and schools and hospitals.

And, they farmed.

Everyone farmed. From the highest Ph.D. to the lowest idiot, everyone farmed.

The leadership farmed. The first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion, was a farmer, and he is buried today at the farm that he loved, Kibbutz Sde Boker.

Does this sound Illuminati to you?

Now, take a closer look at Israel’s military victories. Every one of them was a miracle. They were always underfunded, out numbered and out gunned. Israel’s enemies ALWAYS had better weapons and more of them. Israel’s enemies ALWAYS had more soldiers.

And, when Israel was desperate for help in surviving, one of the most Illuminati countries in the world, France, betrayed her in the worst possible ways – offering to sell Israel weapons for her defense, but taking the money and never delivering.

And America? The Land of the Free and the home of the brave?

THAT America was an enemy. America forced Israel to withdraw from the Sinai after the 1956 Suez Crisis. And, America threatened to destroy Israel just before the Six Day War in 1967 – via the CIA.

In 1973, America had a treaty with Israel to resupply her in the event of war. Did she? Did America resupply Israel when she was desperate and on the verge of destruction? When they were pleading for help?


In fact, it was Henry Kissinger, the man they call the ‘CEO of the Illuminati’ who said no.

Let me repeat that, so that you get it.

The Illuminati tried to destroy Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and it wasn’t the first time.

But wait, you say. Israel was resupplied by the US during the Yom Kippur War. Yes, she was, but only when Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was overruled by President Nixon. And, why did Nixon overrule the Illuminati?

The Christians.

Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel, was often asked why he spent so much time with the Christians in the US. And, he always replied that it was the Christians who were the best friends of Israel.

Does that sound Illuminati to you?

Yeah. Not to me either.

But, there’s more. (And, I DID intimate that there was an Illuminati connection to Israel.)


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