We’re Just Going To Kill The Dollar

I like Kyle Bass. When he gets up and says something, I listen. He’s pretty much always right, and he’s made a lot of money being always right.

He’s always right because he doesn’t drink the Kool-aid. He doesn’t get caught up in market momentum. He doesn’t follow the crowd. He crunches numbers and never loses focus.

… which is why he’s always right.

So, you can imagine that Kyle is asked to speak at investment conferences and round tables – while getting asked very tough questions.

Here’s a one minute (1:06) video of one of the toughest questions that Kyle Bass could have been asked:

Did you hear that properly?

Did you understand the implications?

Here are the implications:

The above video is a retelling of an article written by Doug Hagmann:

Intelligence insider: Obama administration agenda to “kill U.S Dollar”

Yeah, THOSE are the implications.

If you want to survive what’s coming, you must prepare. You must. You must have a store of food. You must have access to water. You must have gold and silver. You must have a place that you can get to that is away from any large city (or even small city).

Are you invested in stocks and bonds? GET OUT.

Do you have a 401K? GET OUT.

Do you have ANY assets that are held by a bank or institution? GET OUT.

You will lose everything that you own that is not in your hand. (And, they will try to take THAT, too.)

Then, think about where you are now. Is it safe where you are? When things fall apart, can you trust your neighbors? If you can’t trust your neighbors, if it’s not safe where you are, you need to think about moving to a place that’s safer.

You might even need to think about moving out of the US. I moved out, and you should too.

Most important of all, you must have faith in God. Read your bible. Build up your spiritual life. Ask God to reveal your sins to you. Confess your sins and repent. Fix the pain that you have caused. Reach out and help those in need. Love God and love your neighbor.

Vaya con dios.

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