Trance-Formation of America, Part 6

I don’t know how much time we have. There are indications that the elites who control the world are getting ready to ‘push the button’, to push us into the cataclysm that will bring about their New World Order. It could happen at any moment, or it could happen two years from now.

But, it IS going to happen.

That’s why you must read this book. It will open your eyes to a system of power so pervasive and so secret that it will challenge the imagination of the most over-heated conspiracy nut.

The interesting thing is that we knew about this system. There were Senate hearings on the program. You can see the Wikipedia article on MK-Ultra, here.

So, no conspiracy nuts here. We’re just the normal kind.

Again, please read this book. It will open your eyes, and you will never be the same again. (But, you just might survive what is coming.)

Let’s get started on the book, itself.

Here’s the preface to the ninth printing of Trance-Formation of America:

Since the first printing of TRANCE was released in September 1995, many of the hard-to-comprehend details have been verified and miraculously managed to surface through our controlled medias. Please help us any way you can to provide this book to anyone who will further research its contents and thus shine the light of truth on the psychological warfare plan that is being silently waged against humanity.

Please remember, for as long as your thoughts remain free, and consider the psychological annoyance power of a single mosquito in a room with no light.

This book will remain in print until justice prevails, the technological antidote for Kelly is provided, and unbiased, uncensored mass news media attention is given to the contents of this book. Thank you for your support.

This book was originally written as a Congressional testimony. It was produced and sent out to every elected official in Washington, D.C. Cathy and Mark did it for the purposes of justice. They did it to make it difficult for the elites to kill them. (There are indications that this is NOT the whole story, which makes it an implied threat to the elites that the rest of the story will come out, should they ‘disappear’.) Finally, it became a way for them to try and rescue Cathy’s daughter, Kelly.

It is also the love story of a man who sacrificed everything to save a woman marked for death – and how he brought her shattered mind together and healed the wounds of her tortured life.

(That alone is worth the price of admission for this book.)

Trance-Formation of America is written in two parts. The first part is the story of the man, Mark Phillips, who rescued Cathy O’Brien and her daughter. This part, by itself, is an interesting story of a very interesting man. But, it is there only to lay the foundation for what Cathy has to say in the rest of the book.

Because it represents a good summary of his own account, I reproduce Mark’s Forward to Part One of this book:

My name is Marquart (Mark) Ewing Phillips, born May 17, 1943 in Nashville, Tennessee. I have no criminal record, and I have never been adjudged insane, I am not a scholar, professional writer, or mental health physician. While I lack the official published academic credentials, I am recognized internationally by mental health and law enforcement professionals as an authority on the secret science concerning external control of the mind.

The purpose of Part I of this book is to document how this reputation was gained. This brief and highly condensed contribution is intended to provide an understanding of why, when, and where I embarked on a study of the most secret technology known to man: Trauma-based mind control. Through the publication of declassified United States Government documents, our U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) admits that this ancient wizard’s mechanism for control is so dangerous that most information pertaining to it must remain Classified as TOP SECRET. As the employee of a DOD subcontractor with exposure to mind-control research, I was required to sign an oath of secrecy. To this day I am restricted by law from revealing certain specific information that directly pertained to my employment as, among other “sensitive” exposures, a U.S. DOD subcontractor in mind-control research.

This super secret technology is an evolved system of remote human physical and psychological manipulation that has only recently been officially recognized by accredited mental health physicians for what it is, absolute mind control.

My first encounter with mind-control research began in the late 1960s in Atlanta, Georgia on the Emory University campus at the Yerkes Primate Center. It was there that I learned about primate behavior modification-the basis for human mind control. Part I of this book is my attempt to impart an understanding of how this and other exposures would prepare me for the Challenge of a lifetime.

What I witnessed, in terms of technology, at the Yerkes Primate Center and Other government sponsored research facilities, combined with years of personal research into this science of mind manipulation, did not adequately prepare me for what I would be exposed to in 1988 through an unexpected chain of events. This exposure came in the form of personal acquaintance with the human results officially entitled by DOD as, among other cryptic file titles, MK-Ultra.

I have outlined this noxious introduction in hopes that the material provided by one MK-Ultra survivor, Cathy O’Brien, will incite a legitimate federal investigation of her claims.

I was able to liberate MK-Ultra victims, Cathy O’Brien and her daughter, Kelly, from the invisible grip of this U.S. Government secret weapon of control. In the process, I also helped Cathy recover her mental and physical health. However, I have not been successful in enlisting the cooperation of my government to pursue the justice issue. There is a reason for this failure to obtain justice that you, the reader, NEED TO KNOW. I have been told repeatedly, “Justice is not obtainable, For Reasons Of National Security.”

This book is primarily the autobiography of Cathy O’Brien, who did not volunteer for service to her country, but was used her entire life against her innate, voluntary will for perpetuating criminal activity by many so-called leaders within the U.S. Government. These “treasonous leaders” did volunteer for political “service” to our country. They must be held accountable for their actions.

Together, Cathy and I have dedicated our lives to the pursuit of justice and rehabilitation for her and Kelly. All avenues for justice and rehabilitative relief have been blocked For Reasons Of National Security. The question arises, whose security? Cathy O’Brien provides the logical answer. Perhaps after reading this work, you will inspire others to read it. Collectively, as patriots, we can make a positive difference for Cathy and Kelly, our government, and humanity, by having our voices heard. In my opinion, our great United States Constitution does not need to be amended it needs to be enforced.

The grim reality we must all embrace is that there is, in human terms, no justice, and no revenge adequate to equal what these two, and many other victims of this U.S. Government secret weapon experienced. The only remaining remnant of opportunity for justice for these survivors would be derived from a public forum expose of what they experienced. What these survivors need to witness is the mass dissemination of their story and a radical, positive change in their government’s management of secrets. This would be an acceptable, though belated, substitute for justice. Their hope lies in the belief that:

“Truth lives a wretched life,
but always survives a lie,”

I think that last quote sums up the reason why you need to read this book. You will not enjoy knowing the truth. In this day and age, the truth will make you miserable.

But, through knowing the truth, you have the opportunity to survive the lie.

May God help us all.

Order a physical copy of TRANCE Formation of America, here.

For those of you, like myself, who cannot obtain a physical copy, you can get a free, electronic version here:

(The authors appear to have placed the electronic version in the public domain. If this is incorrect, please contact me.)

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