Trance-Formation of America, Part 5

I think that this is my last ‘proof’ piece for Trance-Formation of America. I think that it’s time for Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips to tell part of their story, themselves.

However, it will be hard for you to believe their story, if you haven’t gone through the material that I presented in:

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I do not think that I would have believed it myself, if I had not seen all the proof that I present in the previous articles. What Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien are going to show you is so mind-blowing… Well, As Mark Phillips says in the video below,

Every time that I turned the proverbial corner, Steven, I ran into stuff that was just totally, one hundred percent outside of my realm of experience and hence of believability. I mean, it’s bad enough to hear this stuff, but it’s even worse to get it validated.

From what I have learned over the past few months, and what I continue to learn, I could say the same thing RIGHT NOW. It’s bad enough to hear this stuff. It’s even worse to get it validated.

Much worse.

Here’s a video done by a private filmmaker who made the following as a part of his attempt to verify Cathy and Mark’s story:


There is one scene that is explicit, but it is necessary because it is proof that Cathy O’Brien is NOT lying about her ordeal. It is proof-positive that Cathy is telling the truth. And, I am so sorry that Cathy had to go through what you are seeing in this film to prove that she is telling the truth.

Here’s a group discussion with some students about the book:

Here’s the ‘Random B-Roll’ (ie., outtakes):

(Make sure to see the last scene. Mark Phillips is such a good guy!)

The same filmmaker did the following two videos as a part of a film series. They support Mark and Cathy’s story and offer something that you might not have heard before:

But, let’s get back to Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips and Trance-Formation of America.

Here’s one of the more recent videos of Mark and Cathy speaking in 2003:

Here’s an earlier video (2001):

If you are looking for some shorter, more recent videos…

Dr. Colin Ross – 2009

Mark Phillips – 2009

Cathy O’Brien – 2009

Pt 1 –

Pt 2 –

If these videos, and what I presented in parts 1-4 of this article… if they don’t convince you to get started reading Trance-Formation of America, then I don’t know what to say. Only a fool stays on the tracks when a train is about to run him over.

Do NOT be a fool.

You say that you’re not a fool?


It means that you are ready to learn more. Get started by reading Trance-Formation of America. You can order your copy of the book, here:

If you are like me and not able to obtain a physical copy of the book, you can get a free, electronic version here:

It appears that the electronic version of their book has been placed in the public domain by Cathy and Mark, the authors. If this is NOT the case, I would request that someone contact me.

A note about the ebook version

The book appears to have been scanned and then converted to text via OCR (Optical Character Recognition). And, there are a few errors in the text of the book because of that. For instance, ‘cl’ sometimes becomes ‘d’, ‘I’ sometimes becomes ’1′, ‘ln’ might become ‘h’, ‘lo’ might become ‘b’, etc.

But, I didn’t have any trouble reading the text, so you should be fine.

This book should be read by everyone who is mature enough to handle emotionally and psychologically distressing material.

What I’ve just written should be enough to convince you that you need to start reading Trance-Formation of America, right now. In my next post, part six, I will start reporting on the book, itself.

3 thoughts on “Trance-Formation of America, Part 5”

  1. John, this material is (as you clearly know), essential to driving the saved deeper in their Biblical study of “what is ‘SPIRITUAL WARFARE’ and how is it waged?”.

    Clearly we’re entering an era of benign “princes” being removed, and replaced with FAR MORE vicious “princes” [Dan.10:13 & 20; Eph. 6:12 & II Cor. 10:4 – 5]. From Tunisia through Lybia, Egypt, into Syria, and then Ukraine, and soon here!

    Of course, the very best example of waging SPIRITUAL WARFARE is given in Luke 4: 1 – 13…by the GREATEST Spiritual Warrior of all…Utilization of Scripture and the POWER OF THE WORD OF GOD. “Get thee behind me Satan, for it is written…”.

    Also, the Gospels alone are a tremendously detailed MANUAL FOR SPIRITUAL COMBAT STRATEGY & MANEUVER. The first rule of which is “ALWAYS HIDE BEHIND THE WORD OF GOD”! And, also, the book of “ACTS of the APOSTLES” reveals marvelous examples of trusting the Lord, obedience to HIM, and wielding the WORD.

    I feel that Mark & Cathy, (whether they intended to or not), make it very clear that ONLY those who cling to Jesus, & His promises and guidance, will make it through the horrors ahead…as described in Daniel 7:21 & 25 – 26; & 8: 9 – 12, and 23 – 25; & 11: 32 – 35;

    Which time Yeshuah described as:

    “…then shall come great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the World, no, nor ever shall be…for there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the VERY ELECT”. [Matt.24: 21 & 24]

    May God help us ALL to cling close to Jesus and stay instant in our obedience of the Holy Spirit!


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