Trance-Formation of America, Part 3


You’ve acquired your own copy of Trance-Formation of Americe, right? And, you’re reading it?


Would it help if I gave you more proof that this book is the real deal?

Okay, so I will.


I’d always thought that ‘mind control’ was impossible. I remember, in the 80s, someone doing research proving that you couldn’t make people do what they didn’t want to do.

For instance, if I hypnotize you, give you a gun and tell you to shoot someone, you won’t do it – provided that you consider shooting people to be morally wrong. This means that even under hypnosis, your moral compass is still active and a critical element of your consciousness is still in control.

So, ‘mind control’ is impossible, right?

Well, that’s what I told everyone for almost 30 years, and I was wrong.

But, I wasn’t completely wrong. Mind control isn’t possible for those who haven’t suffered severe psychological trauma. And, even severe psychological trauma isn’t enough for those of us with strong personalities.

[Just minutes ago, as I write this, I experienced an epiphany. In fact, I turned to my lovely wife, sitting nearby, and said “wow, that’s interesting”. (Of course, she had no idea what I was talking about. The poor woman has to deal with this a lot.)

Here’s my ‘epiphany’. Before the 1950s EVERYONE had strong personalities – well, pretty much everyone. America was a culture of ‘strong personality’. We were the ‘rugged individualists’. We were the ‘can do’ country. We didn’t take crap from anyone and dished it out to those who deserved it. We did things ourselves, and we expected everyone around us to do the same.

And, we didn’t fall apart when bad things happened to us.

And today?

Yeah. I don’t think so. Right now, we’re a bunch of sniveling pansies. And being ‘sniveling pansies’ makes us psychologically vulnerable to the kind of psychological trauma that would allow us to be ‘mind controlled’. And, I think that we ARE being ‘mind controlled’, but more on that in a later post.

Okay, that’s it for my ‘epiphany’.]

Where was I… …oh yes, why I was wrong about MKUltra.

The thing is, mind control does work by manipulating the self-defense mechanisms created to defend your mind. Think of it like forcing your computer into ‘safe mode’ – allowing someone else access to the computer because its defenses are ‘inactive’.

THAT is how mind control can be successful.

Just think about how much trauma you would have to put someone through to make that work.

Yeah. Literally, a horrifying amount of trauma. Literally horrifying. (Again, more on that in a later post.)

The point is that I knew nothing about this for the first 45 years of my life. (I’m 46. Do the math.) And, I only stumbled across references to it as I was looking into what was going on with Iran and her nuclear program. Since the mainstream media was refusing to talk about the Iranian nuclear program, I had to do research on my own, and some of the people that were willing to talk about Islamic radicalism were also talking about ‘mind control’ and MKUltra.

Of course, some of these people were kooks with tinfoil hats. But, some weren’t.

And, at the same time I was also discovering Luciferians and the Illuminati.

But, none of that is actually ‘proof’. Here’s the proof:

MKUltra is real, and it has a description on Wikipedia:

Now, when you read the ‘official’ description of MKUltra, a few things stand out. Did you notice that they destroyed the files on their research because they ‘concluded that it didn’t work’?

Since when does the CIA ever destroy their files?

The answer is never, unless they discover something that they wish to protect.

Did you notice who the CIA brought in to start (and run) MKUltra?

Yup. The Nazis.

Do you honestly think that the CIA would bring in a bunch of Nazis to launch a program, if they didn’t have solid evidence that the program would probably work?

Yeah. They KNEW that MKUltra would work. You can call the CIA a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them. (Alright, some people in the CIA are stupid, but the guys who run the place ARE NOT STUPID.)

Did you notice that when some of the abuses perpetrated by the CIA came to light… did yo notice that no one involved in these terrible abuses went to jail for them?

That’s right. No one.

Sound familiar?

The banksters who have stolen billions and trillions of dollars haven’t done a single day’s worth of jail time.

So, MKUltra is real. That’s quite a bit of proof, right there.

But, let’s make this a bit more real. Let’s listen to testimony at the President’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experimentation, in Washington D.C., March 15, 1995:

(Pay careful attention to the third video)

Video 1

You can find the above video, here:

Video 2

You can find the above video, here:

Video 3

(This is the most important video)

If you are reading the book, notice how the above video sounds horrifyingly like the experience that Cathy O’Brien suffered at the hands of her ‘handlers’.

You can find the above video, here:

The guy who posted these videos, has a You Tube channel here:

The Trance-Formation of America

What I have provided so far, should be enough evidence to get you started reading The Trance-Formation of America. You can order your copy of the book, here:

If you are like me and not able to obtain a physical copy of the book, you can get a free, electronic version here:

It appears that the electronic version of their book has been placed in the public domain by Cathy and Mark, the authors. If this is NOT the case, I would request that someone contact me.

A note about the ebook version

The book appears to have been scanned and then converted to text via OCR (Optical Character Recognition). And, there are a few errors in the text of the book because of that. For instance, ‘cl’ sometimes becomes ‘d’, ‘I’ sometimes becomes ’1′, ‘ln’ might become ‘h’, ‘lo’ might become ‘b’, etc.

But, I didn’t have any trouble reading the text, so you should be fine.

This book should be read by everyone who is mature enough to handle emotionally and psychologically distressing material.

I will be providing even more proof in my next post that this book is telling the truth.

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