Steve Quayle (UPDATED)


I’m keeping this up because it’s an example of how I got something so very, very wrong. It’s an example of how anyone can be sucked into believing a deceiver. A false teacher.

I got caught, so you can be caught, too.

If you need examples of why Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann and their ‘circle of trust’ cannot be trusted, here are just a few:

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My Report on Nathan Leal

I cringe at what I said in 2013. I would love to just delete it, and sweep it under the rug. But, we learn from other people’s mistakes, so here’s your chance to learn from mine.

I blew it, so you don’t need to.

Please, love the truth. It will keep you safe from people like Steve Quayle.

God bless you all,

John Little
July 25th, 2020


It’s hard to find people who are honest.

It’s harder to find people who are honest and understand what’s coming.

It’s almost impossible to find people who are honest, understand what’s coming and take the time to tell you what you need to know about the future.

One of those people is Steve Quayle, and his site,, is one of the first sites that I go to every day.

Steve Quayle is a voracious researcher, a true believer in Christ as his Lord and Savior, and a man who has dedicated his life to saving  yours. Every day, he posts the twenty or thirty most important web links that you need to see for that day.

Steve’s website tracks some very, very important issues, and many of his links have spun off some very deep research on my part. If it wasn’t for Steve’s work, I’m not sure that I would have stumbled across the MKULTRA mind control program run by the CIA. And, I found out about the Vatican’s anticipation of an ‘Alien Messiah’ via Steve, among a host of other issues that I’ve undoubtedly forgotten ‘cuz I have the memory of a goldfish.

However, you will probably find a number of things that you might not agree with. He believes the Nephilim were giants, the product of angels that had sex with women. There have been times when he was a little too quick to run with a story before checking to see if it was accurate. And, I believe that there have been a few times when an innocent fact was invested with ominous portent and enlarged to become something more than what it was.

Of course, I’ve been guilty of doing all of that myself, so I’m certainly not one to throw stones. All that I’m saying is that you must always consider carefully what ANYONE says. We make mistakes. (And, my criticism here is quite minor.)

People like me have been far to cynical and far too ready to discount the terrible evil that runs through every part of the US government. I am ashamed to say that my track record for sniffing out the conspiracies destroying your freedoms and mine… well, I’ve been an idiot, to say the least. But, I’m fast becoming an expert on these things, in part because of Steve Quayle.

Visit his website every day. Visit the links that he posts. Recommend him to your friends. There isn’t much time left, and you must know what is going on.

If you are interested in precious metals, buy from him. His email is His phone number is (406) 586-4842. I cannot think of too many people who deserve your business more. I mean it.

God bless you Steve, and keep up the good work.



You can also hear him a couple times a month (or more) on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report.