They Are Lying to You

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of the Four, ch. 6, p. 111

For most of my life, I have spent my free time hunting down lies – rather loudly. (Since about age six. Really. I was quite a nuisance. With my foot in my mouth.)

In the 90s, when I found myself in Israel, I found all kinds of new and interesting lies. And, I sniffed them out as loudly as I could – in writing, on the Internet. (The most recent incarnation of that resides here:

Then, on April 5th of 2011, I discovered a whole new set of lies and started chasing them down. It started with Iran and carried me to places that I never imagined it would take me. I have discovered layer upon layer of lies and corruption so evil that I can hardly believe it. In fact, I have spent a great deal of time rendered speechless by how awful they are.

How could our government be so evil? How could we have accepted all these lies?

How could I have accepted these lies? How could I, the self-appointed authority on all things untrue… how could I have been so easily bamboozled?

What a humbling experience.

… And, like so many arrogant purveyors of ‘truth’, I am outraged by it.

How dare the mainstream media lie to us like they have. How dare our elected officials lie to us like they have. How dare our government and its institutions lie to us like they have. How dare our banks lie to us like they have. How dare our teachers and educational institutions lie to us like they have.

How dare they.

But, there is one other group, that is the worst of all.

How dare our pastors lie to us like they have. They told us lies, and we drank them down and told those lies to everyone else.

That’s the worst thing.

All of these liars have sold us their lies and turned us into liars, ourselves. We have now become ‘People of the Lie’. You, me and everyone else, liars – and loving it.

That’s right. You are a liar. I know that because I am a liar, too – and trying to stop.


The problem is that I am sure that there are still so many, many more lies buzzing around in my head. And, these clever little lies breed other clever little lies.

But, I have a secret weapon. It’s my lie swatter. Yup, you read that right.

A Lie Swatter!

In fact, since it sits on my cell phone, I can whip it out and swat lies everywhere I go.

It’s called The Bible.

And, if you read it every day, you start to see where the lies are hiding.

But, reading the Bible everyday is difficult, and most of you are lazy. (I’m pretty lazy, myself.) So, I’ll leave you with a principle that should help:

If something is impossible, then it cannot be true.

For instance, it is impossible that Israel is as awful as the media portray it. I was there. I know. Impossible.

It is impossible that World Trade Center Building Seven (WTC 7) collapsed due to ‘office fires’.

It is impossible that Jon Corzine did not know what happened to the money ‘lost’ by MF Global.

It is impossible that the US government did not know what happened to the money lost by MF Global.

It is impossible for the US Congress, Senate, and President to not know what the National Debt is doing to America and Americans.

I’m sure that you can add some of your own ‘impossible things’.

And, if you realize all of that is impossible, there is only one conclusion.

They. Are. Lying.

To You.

Now, you hafta ask why.