Until… oh, six months ago… I would have placed Islam at the top of the threat list. Now, I find myself debating about whether to put it up at all. And, that’s very, very interesting.

Of course, they ARE a threat, and they are even something of an existential threat. But, they wouldn’t be a problem for us, were it not for the organizations that I spoke of before. Everything that is happening right now, has been engineered to happen, right now. And, the Muslims are NOT doing the engineering. In one sense, they are as much a victim as we are.

But victim, or not, they are still a tool in the hands of the New World Order, a dangerous tool that is worth taking a bit of a look at – especially since they are trying to lever themselves out of the status of ‘tool’ and into the driver seat. (That isn’t going to happen, but you can’t fault them for trying.)

Muslim Brotherhood

If you want to cause trouble in the Middle East, you start here. They are the ‘go to’ organization for riots, terrorism and general mayhem. They never got over the fall of the Caliphate on March 3rd, 1924 – when the Ottoman Empire officially ceased to exist – and they have been trying to restart the Muslim empire since their founding in 1928.

Over the years, I have written a lot about the Muslim Brotherhood and the organizations that they spawned. They created the PLO and Hamas. They were the inspiration for Al Qaeda, and we have found their fingers in conflicts across the Muslim world. They also allied themselves with Nazi Germany and Adolph Hitler during World War 2.

The ‘brothers’ are very sneaky players on the global stage. They learned the art of media manipulation during the Arab-Israeli conflict while, at the same time, sent their children to universities in the West – pushing the brightest of these Muslim college graduates into government jobs and academia in the US and across Europe. Other young Muslims migrated to Europe and North America, entered the workforce, created families, and brought in their brothers and then their sisters. They brought wives and children, as well as fathers, mothers, Aunts, and Uncles… until Europe, as a whole, would become the ninth largest population of Muslims in the world – behind Turkey and Iran, but ahead of Algeria, Morocco, Iraq and even Saudi Arabia.

In fact, Islam has been so successful in Europe that there are neighborhoods in major cities that are ‘no go’ areas – where police officers are no longer able to patrol.

In the United States, the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated every level of government and has even obtained direct influence within the Oval Office, starting with Bill Clinton. Some even have said that the Muslim Brotherhood has a member IN the Oval Office.

And, they have penetrated BOTH sides of the political divide. Democrats and Republicans have been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as every level within state and federal government.

Their secret?


For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s just another word for lying. There are four areas where it is permitted, even encouraged:

  • At any time when talking with a non-Muslim
  • At any time when talking with your wife.
  • At any time when it furthers Islam
  • (I forget the fourth one, but do you really need a fourth?)

Like the Jesuits, Muslims are allowed to COMPLETELY misrepresent themselves if it furthers Islam. Left, Right, Christian, Jewish, Atheist… you name it, and you are allowed to claim to be it, if that furthers “The Cause”.

This includes claiming that Islam is one thing, when it is clearly another. For Christian audiences, you can claim that Jesus is your Lord and Savior, and even that Muslims worship Jesus. For Secular audiences, you are ‘The Way of Peace’. For moderate Muslims, you can claim tolerance, democracy and a woman’s right to not wear a burkha – and then do the opposite when you get into office. (Think of the poor schlubs in Egypt who bought the lie that the Muslim Brotherhood didn’t really want power.)

The best operator of Taqiyya was Yasser Arafat. He was supremely good at it as well as the biggest and brightest star in the Muslim Brotherhood universe. And yes, Arafat was a true-blue member of the Muslim Brotherhood. (Although, how the Muslim Brotherhood could stomach having a homosexual psychopath as a member, is hard to fathom.)

The only thing that has kept the Muslim Brotherhood from causing more damage is the obvious ethnic correlation with Islam. Most Muslims are obviously NOT Caucasian, but that’s changing as we begin to see more and more white-skinned converts to Islam. And, some of THOSE have moved to positions of influence and power. Some interesting examples are Grover Norquist and John Brennan.

And yes, Norquist and Brennan ARE Muslims.

Now, there’s another dangerous Islamic organization that is NOT a part of the Muslim Brotherhood.


They reared their ugly head during the 1980s, claiming to be an indigenous, Lebanese organization fighting to free the Muslim people from the awful yoke of Israeli oppression.

They’re lying.

Hezbollah is a covert arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and has been used by them in a way that gives Iran ‘plausible deniability‘. They are a much more straightforward military threat than the Muslim Brotherhood, and many sources indicate that they have infiltrated teams of saboteurs into the US with the intent of neutralizing America, should war break out between the US and Iran. And yes, there is evidence that Hezbollah has been infiltrating operatives into the US via Mexico.

Do not underestimate this threat. It would be simple for such operatives to simultaneously attack power stations, bridges and water pumping stations in a way that could cripple America for years and cause a shocking number of secondary casualties. The US is still extremely vulnerable to this threat.

Note that members of the US Border Patrol have been sounding the alarm about these incursions for a long time, and no one seems to be listening. And, that makes me wonder why. Could it be that America is being ‘maneuvered’?

Islam and the NWO

So, if Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood are such threats to American society, why did I start out this article by wondering whether or not to consider them a threat worth writing about?

Well, Islam is only a threat for as long as the global elites need to keep trying to scare us with the Islamic Threat.

But, what about Iran and their nuclear weapons program? Surely they ARE a real threat?

Would you believe that I suspect that this situation is one contrived by global elites?

If the New World Order want to stop Iran, all that they have to do is instruct New York banks to block all US dollar transactions with Iran for a year. That is literally all that it would take, and Iran would be ‘broken’. But, they aren’t doing that.


Because they NEED the Iranian bogeyman to concentrate the minds of the people in the West while they siphon away our wealth, prosperity and freedoms.

Am I saying that they are NOT a threat?

No. They are a threat and will need to be dealt with, but they are a threat nurtured and created by the global elite. Take down the Banksters and the Islamic threat will tumble down with them.