The Jesuits

The question about who/what The Beast is should bring us directly to the Jesuits.


Well, if the Catholic Church is the Great Whore that rides the beast, I suspect that the Jesuits are the saddle and the reins of this ‘Beast’ – if not the Great Whore, herself.

So, who are these Jesuits?

Well, until I started delving into their activities over the years, I thought of them as just a somewhat more intellectual version of Catholicism. What I find, as I dig deeper below the surface… is startling, to say the least.

If even HALF of what I’ve been hearing is true, the Jesuits are some of the most vile people on the planet. They have destroyed churches, synagogues and seminaries. They have infiltrated every kind of religious organization. They have directly subverted the bible and biblical doctrines. They have been involved in murder and assassination,  theft, blackmail and drug running.

In fact, the question that is starting to form in my mind is, “what HAVEN’T they done?”

Up until I started researching the Jesuits, I had difficulty understanding how the Roman Catholic Church could be The Great Whore in the Book of Revelation. After seeing what the Jesuits have done, I no longer have ANY difficulty seeing the Vatican as the power that rides the Beast.

They are the Gestapo, the Mafia and the KGB, all rolled into an entity that hides its evil under a cloak of piety.

And, if you mount a successful campaign against them, you tend to die under mysterious circumstances. Jim Arribito, who created the following video, had his life threatened by the Jesuits and died in a ‘mysterious’ plane crash along with his two sons, after the video was published:

Alberto Rivera, one of the most prominent defectors from the Jesuit priesthood, died from ‘food poisoning’ after many attempts on his life. He features in the video, above, as well as in the description of his life, in comic book form by Jack Chick:

Alberto by Jack Chick

Does this sound a bit… too evil… to be true?

Could be.

But, the mounting evidence has gotten too large to ignore. There are too many Jesuits at the center of too much that is evil.

And then, I stumbled across this audio recording by Jack Chick. He has been attacked viciously by other Christians for publishing the Alberto comics. And, the following recording may sound way ‘over the top’, but I don’t think that it is. Too much has happened, and too much is happening. But, listen for yourself:

Is it all a Jesuit/Catholic plot? I don’t think so, but the sheer insanity of what is going on in our world today makes me wonder if ANYTHING is too insane.

One thing is clear to me. We are in the grip of something dark and evil, and you must prepare.

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