Legends of the Black Pope

What comes next is a little more difficult to see. We have very few defectors from within the Illuminati, and none of them have been very high within the organization itself. There are some who claim to have been in the leadership of the Illuminati, but those individuals appear to be highly fraudulent.

Nevertheless, it is clear to me that there is a connection between the Vatican and the Illuminati. Just as it is with so many Luciferian organizations, lower level members have little or no idea what is happening at the upper levels. That is why the Vatican can be chock full of Satan worshipers, while the average Catholic still reveres Jesus as God.

Furthermore, it appears that the Vatican connection to the Illuminati is facilitated by the Jesuits. This should not be a surprise. After all, Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, was a Jesuit himself, and a closer look at the Jesuits indicates deep Luciferian roots.

They are the ‘intellectuals’ of the Catholic Church and are known to delve into ‘hidden’ secrets – both natural and unnatural. It therefore makes sense that the Jesuits would be corrupted by the Luciferians. Looking into ‘hidden secrets’ is a very easy way to be sucked into Luciferianism.

Seriously, you really do not want to look too closely at this stuff.

There is also another intriguing dimension to all this. Middle ranking members of the Illuminati have been told that they control the Vatican via someone that they refer to as the ‘Black Pope’. Apparently, the Illuminati tells this Black Pope what they want, and this Black Pope tells the (white?) Pope.

Presumably, the Pope takes orders from the Black Pope.

My source for this tidbit of information on the Illuminati Black Pope is Doc Marquis, who was a middle rank member of the Illuminati, as well as a seventh generation Illuminus. However, Doc Marquis can only report his own experience, which is a bit of a problem since the Illuminati do more than just lie to us. They also lie to their own people.

However, we can confirm the existence of someone called The Black Pope. He’s the head of the Jesuits, and that man is currently Adolfo Nicolas. Now, the Jesuits don’t call him the ‘Black Pope’. That’s a derogatory nickname that others use. The Jesuits call their leader the Superior General of the Society of Jesus. (They probably also call him ‘sir’.)

Are these ‘Black Pope’ references coincidental? They could be, but I don’t think so. There have been reliable reports of Luciferianism at the highest levels of the Jesuit order, so it would be logical for the Jesuit leadership to ally themselves with the Illuminati. The Jesuits are very, very bad news, and nothing good happens when they are around.

Revelation 17

This discussion brings to mind Revelation 17. Some of the discussion of ‘The Beast’ seems to describe the Illuminati – either as the ten kings, the seven heads, or the beast itself. If so, then this would explain some of the relationship between the Vatican and the Illuminati.

Do we assume that this whore in Revelation 17 is the Vatican? If so, does this whore exert some control over ‘The Beast’?

Could be.

In fact, it even seems likely.

Does this negate my theory that Weishaupt designed the Illuminati to keep it out of the hands of the Catholic Church?

It might, but remember that the Catholic Church has a history of seeking to control the centers of power. It would certainly have sought to control the Illuminati. (Of course, anyone trying to control something as completely Satanic as the Illuminati would quickly find themselves under Satanic control, instead.)

It is likely that the relationship between the Illuminati and the Catholic Church is one of uneasy alliance. And history shows us how the Catholic Church could make common cause with an organization as evil as the Illuminati. After all, Rome worked with Hitler and helped the Nazis escape when World War II was over. If they can do that, much else is possible.

So, an alliance makes sense.

In fact, I could see Rome having her representatives deep within whatever ruling council the Illuminati has, just as the Illuminati could have their representative, this ‘Black Pope’, deep within the Vatican.

But, when I say that ‘it makes sense’, I freely admit that I’m operating within the realm of supposition. I really cannot know for sure. I’m still digging through mountains of material. When something pops up, you’ll hear about it.

Just remember that the bible is one source that we can ALWAYS be sure about. And since I quoted Revelation 17, a closer look at that passage might show us more.

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  1. One must believe in a pre WRATH removal/rapture of saints, because 1 Thess.1:10 and 5:9,10 declare it. But, that’s not pre-trib. The wrath is described in the 6th seal text of Rev. 6:16,17, and expanded upon in Rev.16:1. Also Rev.3:10 promises the faithful He will keep them from the “hour of testing, that will come upon the whole world”. That hour is the “hour” of Rev.18:17 when end times Babylon/UN/NYC is obliterated following the Jesuit/Muslim/Chrislam takeover of Jerusalem prophesied in Dan.9:27, Ezek.9, Matt.24:15 (vs.27,28 describe mid-tribulation rapture, and vs.30 final post-tribulation resurrection/removal of faithful). Isa.13 prophesies in parallel to Rev.18 and Jer.50,51 what will happen to end times Babylon/USA after the rapture in Isa.13:2 and 26:20,21.That “hour” is the “day of the Lord” and his “wrath” against a world who hated his faithful, embraced Satan’s principles and despised Him.
    Does anyone really think a loving Lord wants His faithful continually gored by that evil destructive collapse of humanity post Israel’s fall? Then—it will be all out war between Satan (who is thrown down in mid-tribulation per Rev.12:12,13) and Jesus, who takes over the “kingdom of the world” in Rev.13:15 just after the resurrection of the two first half “witnesses” (likely Enoch and Elijah who never died) will have completed their 1260 day ministry from the temple mount.
    Moreover, I would WARN any who hold to a post tribulation rapture, you are opening yourself to the myriad cultic replacement theologies, and world religious unification errors out there. That is not to impugn this website which is genuine and helpful, but which I disagree with on rapture timing. However, the Jesuit pre-tribulation model is about to be exposed, and the Jesuits will be the first to ask, “where is the promise of his coming”, because they seek to destroy the faith, and create Satan’s prophesied end times world government.
    One final point, ask yourself why in Rev.7:14 do we see the raptured and resurrected saints—-after the 6th seal of Rev.6 and before the second half seventh seal trumpet judgments of Rev.8?

    • Hi Keith,

      Um… yes. THAT was a very strong statement. By the way, I have never said exactly when I believe the rapture will happen. I just know when it will NOT happen. The Bible is actually quite vague on this issue, except to say that it will be public and victorious.

      I would like to point out that you take firm positions about a future that the Bible isn’t actually firm on. Please be careful about this. You do not want to be looking in the wrong direction when the enemy comes over the hill.

      Furthermore, to warn people away from the belief in a post tribulation rapture because they might fall into replacement theology or ecumenicism… that is not Biblical. We are to be led by the Holy Spirit, not fear of heresy. Too many have ignored truths in the Bible because they might be labelled a [insert heretical group name].

      Do not follow that road. It never ends well. (Seriously, I’ve seen the results firsthand.)

      As to your last point, Revelation is vague on the rapture. You could equally make a case for the rapture happening at the 7th trumpet – during the seventh seal (and not the sixth).

      Does it really matter whether the rapture is during the sixth seal or the seventh?

      If you could show me how this is useful, then I would join you in your attempt to be more exact.

      Having said all that, your passion does you credit. It is clear that you are reading your Bible. Keep doing that.

      Thank you for adding to the discussion, Keith.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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