Back to Lucifer

In fact, everything will always swing back to him.

But, why HIM? Why did Adam Weishaupt choose Lucifer?

We can only speculate, but think of it this way. Weishaupt wanted the Illuminati to be powerful, and the Illuminati’s biggest competitor in the game of power would have been the Roman Catholic church. She had her fingers everywhere, and Weishaupt must have naturally wanted to make sure that the Catholics didn’t get their claws into this new cult. In fact, he may actually have wanted something that could subvert Rome herself.

If Weishaupt had created a quasi-Christian organization, that would have left them open to takeover by the Catholics. In fact, ANY Christian elements whatsoever could have given Catholicism a toehold, and that could not be allowed.

Furthermore, Rome demonstrated the limitations of ‘Christian Power’. As unethical and immoral as Rome was, there were limits to how far she was able to go without incurring the wrath of the average Catholic, who expected Rome to always occupy the ‘moral high ground’ – or at least act like it. This did much to keep the Roman Catholic Church from total control of Europe, and Adam Weishaupt undoubtedly wished to avoid the pitfalls of creating an organization that had any moral restraint whatsoever.

Also, the Roman Catholic Church was extremely visible, and that added yet another constraint on power.

But, would Weishaupt have been motivated purely by anti-catholic (or even anti-moral) sentiment?

No. I don’t think so, either.

Since the dawn of time, Lucifer has offered something that we all crave: hidden (even forbidden) knowledge. What was it that he offered Eve? Knowledge – God-like knowledge. And, quite a few of us suffer from such a degree of curiosity that Satan’s offer to “tell you a thing or two that God doesn’t want you to know”… Well, it’s incredibly attractive.

And, some of what Lucifer has to offer is indeed true, but mixed with traps and falsehoods designed to catch EVERYONE who walks down that path. Even God Himself admitted that Adam and Eve had become ‘like God’, knowing good and evil.

But, is it truly safe or wise to know these secrets? Is it a good idea to reach for that which God has specifically placed out of our reach?

The answer of course is no. It is never safe to seek out forbidden knowledge. No matter what guarantee Lucifer might offer, I can tell you that no one has ever survived taking that path. No one. In that direction lies death and worse.

But, even with such a warning, there are many who will be unable to resist such heady, godlike power. There are incredible secrets that may even bestow great power upon those who hold them. And power is such a fabulous thing.

So, Weishaupt had two big motivations for creating the Illuminati. He wanted to be free of the Catholic Church, and he wanted to seek out hidden knowledge. He wanted an organization unfettered by the Catholic Church and dedicated to enlightenment.

What About Lucifer

But, we are forgetting Lucifer himself.

For a long time, I have been guilty of treating the idea of Satan as pretty much just that – an idea. I knew that he was real. I knew that he and his angels acted against the interests of God. But, I’ve always just felt that Satan had a limited role, that there really wasn’t much that he could do directly.

The last few months have been eye-opening. Lucifer is directly involved in human affairs, and he wants us to worship him. That’s why I believe that Lucifer would have been actively involved in convincing Weishaupt to create an organization that worshipped him. Lucifer would also have been personally involved in bringing Adam Weishaupt and the banker elite together. Lucifer is real, and there is no doubt in my mind that Lucifer was directly involved in the formation of the Illuminati, from start to finish.

The Illuminati is Lucifer’s organization and is the culmination of thousands of years of Satanic effort. It’s the spearhead of the Antichrist kingdom. It is THE organization that will subdue the world and bring it under the power of the Man of Sin – the Antichrist.

And, the thing that really startled me is how closely the Illuminati mirrors true Christianity:

  • Jesus came to the poor and downtrodden. The Illuminati goes to the wealthy and powerful.
  • Jesus taught grace and forgiveness. The Illuminati teach vengeance and retribution.
  • Jesus sought peace. The Illuminati seek war.
  • Jesus called us to faith – to follow the unseen. The Illuminati seek to know and to see.
  • Jesus encouraged us to elevate God. The Illuminati want us to deify man.
  • Jesus taught life. The Illuminati teach death.
  • Jesus loves us. Lucifer HATES us.

So, forget the Atheists. They’re nothing, a flash-in-the-pan. Lucifer, himself, is certainly no atheist, and the Illuminati aren’t atheist, either. There is coming a moment in time in which the atheists will be told to shut up, and Lucifer will take the stage to claim that he is god. When the Illuminati are done, there will be no atheists.

Now, I mentioned something earlier about Rome. Weishaupt certainly wanted to keep the Illuminati out from under the control of Rome. But, as an ex-Jesuit, he might have wanted to do more. He might have wanted to bring Rome under the control of the Illuminati, itself.

And, there is evidence to suggest that this is exactly what happened.

6 thoughts on “Back to Lucifer”

  1. I disagree with you here because Weishaupt was schooled by the Jesuits and Jesuits require complete obedience. Much of what Weishaupt wrote in manifesto as well as Marx in communist manifesto, is the same way the Jesuits operate in controlling kings and politics. I think Jesuits taught everyone these evil ways. I think Illuminati and Vatican are working together. The Catholic Church/Vatican has always been pagan. Heard an interesting concept the other day. Both Catholicism and Islam have an inner and out core. The inner core are Luciferian and the outer core (goyem) are the useless idiot followers who are being deceived. Also there is a synthesis of the two religions coming that will devour all other religions and create the one-world religion.

    • Hi Janice,

      Actually, we ARE in agreement.

      It is difficult to put everything that I know about a subject into a single article.

      You are indeed correct about the Jesuit involvement everywhere, including the Illuminati. I truly do not know which is more evil, the Jesuits or the Illuminati. I actually believe that they are merely two sides of the same coin.

      Thank you for that comment, Janice!

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

    • Hey Janice,

      That looks like a great book!

      I found a copy and look forward to reading when I can.

      Thank you for pointing it out to me. The Jesuits, alongside the Illuminati, are the greatest threat we have ever known.

      God bless you, Janice.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. you may be even more surprised to know that this lucifer, the ‘light-bringer’ (hence, illuminati) is another name for an e.t consciousness called velus, or the velon. you may have heard of some of their sub-tribes – the annunaki and the hathor, possibly the mila.

    if your mind has just dismissed this idea out of hand ask yourself why? which is more unbelievable, a supernatural devil or a superdimensional e.t?

    is it true that the church has all but destroyed jesus’ message? how did that come about? how is it that these people act so inhumanely, and commit such crimes against humanity?

    if one accepts their ultimate goal as the destruction of mankind then what other conclusion can one come to?

    yt search ‘velon threat to humanity.’ it might be an eye-opener, and dot-connector. peace & love & freedom

    • Hi daznez,

      I don’t have information one way, or another, on this and must work with what I can independently verify – or, what I can see directly in the Bible. Otherwise, my analysis ceases to have any lasting value.

      The fact that we have a ‘fallen nature’ and that there is a Satan is reason enough to explain all the evil in the world. The idea that there might be something else out there is… well, ‘icing on the cake’.

      Thanks, daznez.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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