Bankster Cult Beliefs

So, what is it that this bankster cult believes?

Well, it’s hard to know exactly what the Illuminati believes, but we have a few clues.

First of all, they do NOT believe in Jesus Christ. Period. In fact, we have reports that if you should even mention His name at a meeting… you could get yourself horribly killed.

Now, they agree that there was a person named Jesus Christ. But, apparently He was a Luciferian, DIDN’T raise from the dead, and is chained to a rock in Hell because He betrayed Lucifer.

Right. Pull the other one.

They also do not believe in anyone called Yehovah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Adonai, etc. In fact, THOSE names are connected to darkest, foulest evil in their pantheon of beliefs. In fact, the person that they call Adonai was a god equal to Lucifer. Apparently, this Adonai person became jealous of Lucifer’s good looks, sterling personality, and… ahem… devilish charm. Adonai’s jealousy got so bad that He formed a conspiracy with two thirds of the angels and ousted Lucifer from heaven, along with the remaining angels.

As the Illuminati see it, Lucifer is this horribly maligned and misrepresented ‘good guy’ who was stabbed in the back by what we call God and the angels.

But, the Illuminati has good news for all you Lucifer types. Satan… excuse me… LUCIFER is about to make a come-back. According to the Illuminists (a member of the Illuminati is an Illuminist), Lucifer is close to getting enough of his angels and followers together to stage an assault on heaven, kill God, and make it back to his rightful place as king of everything.

The rest is pretty much detail.

Of course, the devil is in the details, too. And, what a clever packet of details they are.

Depending on where you are within the Illuminati, your view of those details change. In fact, you often never learn the name of the god you worship until you are deep within the organization. You are usually given some bland identifier like ‘Grand Architect Of The Universe’, or GAOTU.

But, let’s get back to some history.

When Weishaupt was putting together this cult, he grabbed handfuls of all kinds of mysticism. He brought in Jewish Kabbalah, Celtic Mythology, Egyptian polytheism, Mithraism, and the Babylonian occult. That last bit was probably the most important.

Babylon really is at the center of so much of this. The Babylonians were building a tower to heaven, and the Illuminists are doing much the same thing, except theirs is a stairway – so that Lucifer can run up the escalator and dethrone God. In fact, you’ll notice that Babylonian symbolism has its fingerprints all over the Illuminati belief system. You’ll see some of that when we address a bit of their iconography.

Oh, and another way of looking at the Illuminati belief system is good ol’ witchcraft. In fact, the Illuminati have set up a system of covens throughout the world, mostly concentrated in the US and Europe.

But, the details really aren’t all that important. What’s important is the god of the Illuminati.


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