Bankster Cult

So, the big bankers needed a religion.

They could have picked one of the brand names available at the time, but they either wanted too big a piece of the pie. Or, they came with too many strings attached.

THE brand name in European religion at the time was the Roman Catholic church. She was the donna of dons. If you wanted something done, you talked to the Papa, and it was all fixeda. And, quite a few bankers went with the Pope. In fact, one group of bankers pretty much took over the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church.

Just do a little research into the Medici and Borgia popes. There is NOTHING better than having your own Pope when you’re a banker. NOTHING.

But, what if you don’t have your own Pope? What if your competitors have a Pope?

Are you going to be stuck with the Protestants?

I’m sure that some bankers tried it, but I don’t know of anyone who ever made a successful ‘go’ of it. It has only been in the last hundred or so years that Protestants have been able to get past that whole morality thing. Morality just doesn’t mix well with banking. Plus, Protestants are SO disorganized. They can barely get a bake-sale together, and they are ALWAYS arguing about the carpet.

How about Judaism?

One good little anti-semite of ‘blessed memory’ once confided to me that those Jews… they all stick together. (As if this was a bad thing.) Isn’t anti-semitism great? Spend two thousand years trying to exterminate a group of people and then criticize them for ‘sticking together’. Gotta love that logic.

But, there’s a problem with Judaism. They’ve got this ethics problem – as in, they have it. Judaism also comes with Rabbis attached, and Rabbis agree on NOTHING.

Of course, Jewish bankers have been successful, just as I’m sure that there are some successful Protestant bankers. But, none of these became a part of THE BIG BANKS.

But wait, you say. What about all those big, Jewish banking families? They’re like… JEWISH.

Not exactly.

As we trace the roots of the ‘bankster cult’ and the bankster families involved, you’ll notice that those running the show have an appearance of morality. Some will claim to be Jewish. Some will claim to be Methodist. Some will even claim to be Baptist. None of them will have a shred of human decency.

Or, maybe I should put it this way. There are people with morals, and there are people who say that they have morals. Knowing how to tell the difference is important.

But, back to our topic.

The problem is that none of the established religions was going to work for the big European banking families. They needed to create something for themselves. Something that worked.

That’s why, in the late 1700s, they turned to Johann Adam Weishaupt, the brilliant young ex-Jesuit with a major axe to grind with the Catholic Church. If anyone could have put a cult together, it would have been him.

And, he did.

The result was the Illuminati.

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