Really? Have I gone insane?

(don’t answer that!)

Well, I might be insane, but not for THAT reason. And yes, I really do mean Luciferianism. And yes, as I imply in my previous article, there is more than one kind.

One kind of Luciferian is the outright Satan worshiper. They call their god Satan, and they are in your face about it. In fact, that’s probably the whole point – the shock effect. But, people who self-identify as worshiping Satan… well, they’re only a small part of that much-larger group of people we call Luciferian.

But, I think that I’m getting ahead of myself a bit. Some of you don’t know what a Luciferian is. Well, just as a Christian is someone who follows Christ, a Luciferian is someone who follows Lucifer.

The next question is who is this dude, Lucifer?

Well, the word ‘Lucifer’ is Latin and is an amalgamation of two Latin words – lux and ferre. Luci (or lux) means light, and ‘fer’ (or ferre) means carry. So, Lucifer is the ‘Light Carrier’ or ‘Light Bearer’. To those who practice occult mysticism, Lucifer is referred to as “Bringer of Light, the Morning Star, Intellectualism, Enlightenment”. In other words, Lucifer is the god of enlightenment, and he is routinely associated with the planet Venus.

(Of course, we Christians refer to Lucifer as Satan – a Hebrew name meaning ‘Adversary’.)

In Greek mythology, Lucifer would be Prometheus – the god who stole the knowledge of fire from the gods and gave it to humans. (Notice the parallel to the ‘tree of knowledge of good and evil’.)

Hmmm… the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. That brings up a thought, so let me go off on a bit of a tangent.

The Masonic Dating System

Those that practice Freemasonry have an interesting date system. Instead of dating everything in reference to the birth of Jesus Christ, as we do via the Gregorian Calendar, the Freemasons have their own Masonic calendar, which dates everything from the creation of the world – instead of the birth of Christ.

We all know this year is 2013. Well, it’s more accurately signified as AD 2013. AD stands for Anno Domini, which is Latin for ‘Year of Our Lord’. And, by saying Anno Domini 2013, we are saying that Jesus was born 2013 years ago.

The Freemasons ignore all that. They take today’s date, add 4000 and call it AL 6013. AL stands for Anno Lucis, which is Latin for ‘Year of Light’. And, by saying Anno Lucis 6013, they are saying that the world was created 6013 years ago – in addition to completely ignoring the birth of Christ.

AL 6013?

Yeah. Interesting, so I looked into that a bit further. The Freemasons loudly proclaim to the rest of us that their calendar dates back to that moment in time when God said “Let there be light” – i.e. the creation of the Universe. But, is that really true?

When the Freemasons arose, the popular understanding was that the Universe was created in 4004 B.C., not 4000 B.C. (as the Masons seem to claim here). Why the discrepancy?  When the Freemasons first created this dating system, were they just being sloppy? Did they just want to make it easy to calculate the date by taking the current date and adding 4000?


Could it be that they are referring to something that happened… or included… oh, a tree, maybe?

As in a ‘Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil’?

As in an event that COULD have happened just four years after the creation of the Universe?

Yeah. I think that this is EXACTLY what they are referring to – especially, since I know that Luciferianism lies at the very heart of Freemasonry.

When the Freemasons say Anno Lucis, that Lucis isn’t physical light. No, that ‘Lucis’ is the ‘Light’ of the knowledge of Good and Evil. By dating everything from that moment of ‘Enlightenment’, they are CELEBRATING the coming of sin into the world.

And, for those of you who think that they’re just being ‘sloppy’, using an easy-to-remember formula to calculate their Masonic date, I remind you that NOTHING about the Freemasons is sloppy. They are very, very methodical and precise. It is clear to me that the Freemasons believe that ‘The Fall’ of Adam and Eve happened four years after God created the Universe. And, they commemorate and celebrate that event via their dating system.

Let me emphasize that.

With their Anno Lucis calendar, the Freemasons are glorifying the entrance of sin into the world. They are celebrating the fact that billions upon billions have been condemned to everlasting torment in Hell.

They undoubtedly think of it as celebrating mankind’s enlightenment.

I just call it sick.

Am I saying that Freemasonry is Luciferian?


But, let me be clear that the Freemasons are not the subject of this article (although, I’ll talk about them later). No, there is another group of Luciferians that we need to speak of, a group of Luciferians that do have a connection to the Freemasons.

This group of Luciferians seeks to elevate humanity to something approaching godhood. They claim that they are bringing enlightenment to mankind (and womankind).

Here are a few signature characteristics of this group of Luciferians. They are very hereditary. They are drawn to power and wealth. In fact, wealth for them has only one use – power. Among themselves, they are the most amazing control freaks on the planet. They are extremely hard to see. They are deeply involved in every form of power and control in our society, just as they are deeply involved in every form of perversion.

However, it is interesting that many aspects of the inner workings of this group seem to parallel Christianity. It’s a perverted parallel, but a parallel nonetheless.

Who am I talking about?

The Illuminati.

7 thoughts on “Luciferians”

  1. Sometime we use words because the seem to fit what we want to establish. I Am doing a teaching session at church and looking at the word “Ghost” and “spirit”. The dictionary definition say ,ghost–a disembodied spirit OF A DEAD PERSON. sINCE God is alive and Jesus is alive How can they have a Holy Ghost—disembodied spirit. The translators are to blame . Ruach or pneuma has four meanings, wind, breadth, spirit and ghost. They did not use dictionary definition in every case. So Ghost cannot be Holy. The Holy Spirit is part of the trinity, it is not a ghost. But they just cant get it.
    This lead me to the word EMPIRE which you use for America. Dictionary—territory, a large group of countries or peoples under one ruler; extensive territory or enterprise under single dominion or control.
    Do any of the above definition fit America? NO

    • Hi Chester,

      First of all, the word ’empire’ DOES fit. As a professional practitioner of the English word, I understand the concept of nuance and original meaning.

      Here is one definition of the word, Empire:

      Supreme political power over several countries when exercised by a single authority.

      If you have been reading my articles over the past few weeks you would have seen that the above definition DOES fit the United States.

      Secondly, I also understand what the Lord was talking about when He imparted this vision to John.

      Can you give me a better alternative?

      If you cannot, in these Last Days, then we need to let the comparison stand.

      As to your contention over the word, Ghost, please understand that the translators weren’t wrong to use that word as it was understood at the time. Meanings of words change.

      Be careful about interpreting the Bible using a dictionary that is fallible.

      Thank you, Chester.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Hey John. Freemason here.

    Most masons believe that the anno lucis is indeed the year of the creation of the Universe, but a small minority do believe that it’s the year of the enlightnenment.

    On the other hand, luciferians are often agnostics, pantheists, etc., so we would be inclined to ignore hebrew mythology. We’d rather say something like “BB”. That’d be a pain to type, though 🙂

    Anyways. Good article. Please forgive my poor English.

    • Hi Hiram,

      Your English is excellent, and you communicated your point well.

      Since, I’m not sure what your level (or degree) in Freemasonry is, I’m not sure what they have told you. In fact, I’m not sure that I should be the one to speak of the Satanism within the Masonic orders. You would certainly doubt anything that I told you, so what I should do is encourage you to do your own investigation.

      Please, look carefully at the lies that you already know. You already know that they lied to you when you entered the first degree. What other lies have they told you?

      What is at the heart of Freemasonry?

      Is it really compatible with the worship of God?

      Your only hope for eternity in the life to come is through Jesus Christ, and Freemasonry seeks to deny that hope for you.

      May Jesus guide you to Himself, Hiram.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little


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