Trying to Figure It Out

I grew up knowing that there was something wrong with the world, but didn’t pay much attention to that ‘wrongness’ because I was more interested in what was right about my favorite corner of the world – Israel. The right and wrong about Israel and her neighbors could fill several lifetimes of study. What was wrong with the world… well, it was enough for me to pass it off as stupid people being greedy and stupid.

Unfortunately, what’s wrong with the world has nudged its way into my life and grabbed my attention by the throat. I can no longer wave away what’s going on with a glib “It’s just stupid greed.”

I’ve been forced to try and figure out what’s happening. And, what’s happening is more than just stupid greed. It’s stupid greed plus something else.

Stupid greed plus ‘something else’?

What is this… ‘something else’?

Well, let me ask you this: Why are we experiencing so much calamity? Why is our world falling apart? Why have our governments become so monstrous? Why has our media become just another voice for the entrenched elite? Why does blatant corruption go unpunished? How (and why) did our monetary system to become so broken? And, how are they getting away with it!?

The answer to all those questions can be completely explained by ‘stupid greed plus something else’.

Now, I can see that you are just dying to find out what that ‘something else’ is. So, lean closer. I’m about to tell you. It’s…

…oops, we’re out of time. I really must be going. Let’s talk about this later, okay?

To be continued.

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