End of America – Critique Part 3

In this part, I go through chapters five through thirteen.

Why so fast?

Well, John Price, the author really hasn’t left me all that much to say. In fact, I spend most of my time amplifying what he is saying.

My own personal experience and knowledge verifies what is said here and in the book. Those of you who are regular readers of my writing know that this is not a frivolous statement.

Please read the book and then follow its advice.

You and your family will be glad that you did.



John Price starts out with this quote from Jeremiah 51:6

Flee from Babylon!
Run for your lives!
Do not be destroyed because of her sins.
It is time for the LORD’s vengeance;
he will pay her what she deserves

If that does grab you by the neck and get your attention, nothing will, and you might as well stop reading this website.

So, what John does is repeat the command and warning.

Get out.

This is not a drill.

This is not a suggestion.

This is a command.

Get out.

Run for your life.

What do I think? Well, even though I have quibbled with the author over various points in chapter four of his book, there can be no other interpretation.

You must get out of America. You must, and you must do it as fast as you can.

But, chapter five doesn’t talk about that as much as it talks about WHY Babylon needs to be destroyed.

He believes that it will happen because America betrays Israel when Gog and Magog come down to destroy Israel (Ezekiel 38 and 39). And, he cites Jeremiah 51:35 as his evidence:

May the violence done to our flesh[a] be upon Babylon,”
say the inhabitants of Zion.
“May our blood be on those who live in Babylonia,”
says Jerusalem.

Later in the chapter, he also cites these verses:

We watched and watched,
wore our eyes out looking for help. And nothing.
We mounted our lookouts and looked
for the help that never showed up.

– Lamentations 4:17

Shout against her on every side!
She surrenders, her towers fall,
her walls are torn down.
Since this is the vengeance of the LORD,
take vengeance on her;
do to her as she has done to others.

– Jeremiah 50:15

“‘The LORD has vindicated us;
come, let us tell in Zion
what the LORD our God has done.’

– Jeremiah 51:10

“Before your eyes I will repay Babylon and all who live in Babylonia[a] for all the wrong they have done in Zion,” declares the LORD.

– Jeremiah 51:24

“Babylon must fall because of Israel’s slain,
just as the slain in all the earth
have fallen because of Babylon.

– Jeremiah 51:49

A destroyer will come against Babylon;
her warriors will be captured,
and their bows will be broken.
For the LORD is a God of retribution;
he will repay in full.

– Jeremiah 51:56

I would completely agree if I didn’t know how many Jews died in Europe because of America. In fact, if America had opened her doors instead of denying the Jews entry, we might have been able to save ALL the Jews from extermination.

But, instead, we closed our doors and condemned the Jews to destruction.

For that evil alone, I would destroy America.

For that alone.

However, I do believe that Israel will be at peace, and that Israel will have been given ‘iron clad’ guarantees that the US will protect her – and, it is clear that this protection will have been removed, allowing the Russians and her allies to try to destroy Israel.

I believe that to be the same kind of betrayal as America’s betrayal during the Holocaust.

Although, you could make a case that this betrayal would be worse, because America made a commitment to Israel far stronger than the intrinsic commitment that it had with the Jews of Europe.

Whatever the case, these events will play themselves out, and America will be destroyed as a result.

John Price also makes an interesting observation that I think is relevant. He says that the leader of Babylon, when it is destroyed, will be the same leader that betrays the covenant made with Israel. What that means is that there will be very little time between Gog and Magog and America’s destruction.

I actually wonder if it won’t be at the same time.

And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the isles: and they shall know that I am the LORD.

– Ezekiel 39:6

Here’s the Young’s Literal Translation:

And I have sent a fire against Magog, And against the confident inhabitants of the isles, And they have known that I [am] Jehovah.

In the eyes of God, is North America an Island?

I think that it could be. In fact, I think that it will be very likely.

Furthermore, if what John Price has said comes to be true, I believe that there will be ample reason for God to send fire down upon America. The next question will be whether God will use a natural event (e.g., a Solar Flare) or a man-made event (e.g., EMP attack).

Either way, we should expect America to be toast, right about the time of Gog and Magog. And, notice that the YLT version indicates that the fire sent to Magog and those in the Isles is in the past tense. It could happen BEFORE Gog and Magog arrive at the boarders of Israel.

We’ll see.

Hopefully, YOU’LL see from a safe distance AWAY from the US.

Then, John talks about these events in context with “The Rapture”. And, he makes a claim (and backs it up with evidence) that all of this will happen before:

– The rise of the Antichrist and False Prophet
– The second peace treaty with Israel
– The Rapture of the church
– The seven year Tribulation period
– The Second Coming of Christ.

You can believe in a pre-tribulation rapture because the coming of Gog and Magog and the destruction of America will have nothing to do with the Tribulation!

Seriously, if you wish to hold tightly to your pre-trib views, please go ahead. There is nothing that we talk about here that violate those views.

Just get out of the US, and we’ll debate the pre-trib/post-trib viewpoint later – possibly over dinner, if you like.

And yes, I do believe that all of this will happen during the second term of the Obama administration, or even as early as this Fall.

Please, GET OUT.


One of the arguments that I have heard AGAINST the idea of America being ‘The Daughter of Babylon’ comes from these two verses in Revelation:

And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

– Revelation 17:6

And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.

– Revelation 18:24

First, I believe that America is the inheritor to the Roman Empire. The legacy of the Roman Empire is EVERYWHERE in the US political and legal system. From architecture to language to political forms of government, the Roman influence is pervasive.

So, you could make a case that all those killed by the Romans should (and would) be laid at the feet of America, as well as fulfill the above two verses.

Having said that, I agree that this is a bit of a stretch, so let me turn to what John Price has said. He claims that the American government will begin persecuting – even to death – the Christians in America.

Up to this point God has protected the Christians and the Jews from persecution in America, but that protection is being removed. In fact, I agree with John Price in that the persecution that is coming will convince Christians to leave. John makes the claim that this persecution will actually be a blessing in disguise.

Now, will all Christians be persecuted?

No, only those who refuse to compromise on their doctrines. The ones who accept homosexual ministers, homosexual marriage, abortion, etc. will be left alone. The rest will be considered a security threat to the state.

How will such a situation arise? There are many different ways.

Israel could attack Iran, and Iran could retaliate by activating the terrorist cells that are already in America. This could cause the US government to clamp down on everyone that they consider to be ‘subversive’. As people respond to this ‘clamp-down’ the government could become more and more violent.

The other possibility is that the Barack Obama gets a second term in office and begins implementing an agenda that makes it impossible for bible-believing Christians to hold church services, ect. Some hot-headed Americans could respond with violence giving the US government the excuse to use ever more and more violence.

And, like Nazi Germany, all of this could happen very, very quickly. Without the Internet or electronic communications, Germany was able to implement their murderous regime within months – with almost no warning whatsoever, and do it in complete secrecy. In fact, many Germans did not know that Jews were being exterminated until AFTER World War II.

And yes, I have anecdotal evidence to back that last claim up.

In the age of the Internet, this could happen much more quickly.

Oh, you don’t think that Obama is capable of this?

Think again. He has surrounded himself with people who think and act just like Hitler’s Nazis. And, it is clear to me that Obama if far from the person that he has led everyone to believe. I believe that Obama is a classic Hitlerian figure – a Trojan horse, if you will.

The point is that the blood of the saints referred to in Revelation is coming.

And, as I write this, (and I cannot explain this in any other way) I feel from within my soul, that this is true.

You must not wait to see more proof. YOU MUST GET OUT NOW.


The author goes into a litany of the evils that have become common in America. In fact, I say that these evils have become common in the Christian Church.

Here is what John Price talks about:

Adultery and Divorce
Same Sex Marriage
Drug Culture
Sumptuous Self-Indulgent Lifestyles
Other Abominations

I won’t get into an analysis of all the above, but it should be clear to you that America is not only guilty of all of the above, but is guilty of promoting these things all over the world.

If you cannot see that… well, I’m not sure that you have any business reading this.

Worse, far worse, Christians are also doing these things. And, what does it say about this in I Peter:

For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

– I Peter 4:17


If you’ve been reading Omega Shock, then you know this already.

You might even know that not only is the chapter title true, but it’s worse than that. The highest levels of the government of Iran believe that they have a commandment to accomplish all of this by 2016.

Furthermore, there is indication already that they have the means at hand to accomplish this. Hezbollah, an arm of the Iranian government, has been streaming across the Mexican border in the US for years – and there are reports that they have been bringing weapons of mass destruction with them.

This could all begin as early as this Fall – although, my best guess would be for a few years later, say in 2015, or even 2016.

The point is that the weapons may already be in place and may lack only the command to launch.


I am a bit more incredulous about the author’s claim about ‘suitcase nukes’, although it is clear that thousands of them went missing in the 1990s. The problem with them is that they require a great deal of maintenance, and maintenance skill, to remain active and effective.

Having said that, it could be possible that they have been able to maintain these bombs.

But, there are plenty of other nuclear and even thermonuclear warheads that went missing during the chaos of the 1990s as the Soviet Union fell apart. I cannot imagine why the Iranians (or even Al Qaeda) would not have gotten their hands on these.

So, I have a very strong suspicion that Iran DOES have these nuclear weapons, and it seems reasonable that they would have given them to Hezbollah for use inside the United States.

And yes, I agree that Jeremiah DOES prophecy the use of nuclear weapons on America because he describes the destruction of the Daughter of Babylon in terms of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Whether or not there will be an EMP attack, there WILL be a nuclear attack and most, if not all, of America will be unliveable.

The only places that MIGHT be livable would be the Middle West states like the Dakotas and Montana and southwards to (maybe) Oklahoma.

But, I’m not sure that I would trust that possibility. It’s time to get completely out of America.


I’m going to pass over this chapter because there’s really nothing left to comment on. He’s completely right. If anything, the devastation might be even worse.


John Price makes an important point here that is worth dwelling on.

God says that those who shed blood must die. All of the people that committed abortions from 1973 and onwards are still alive today.

God’s justice requires that they must die.

It is even possible that God may require their death even though they have sought and been given repentance by God. Now, that’s a very strong statement, so let me explain.

God promised to forgive you of your sin, but He never promised to protect you from the consequences of your sin.

Having said that, I do believe that those who have murdered their children, and have come to Christ and sought forgiveness… I believe that God will allow them to escape the consequences of their evil – if they are paying attention like the rest of us.

Whatever the case, God requires blood to answer for blood.

Furthermore, America also needs to answer for all the abortions that she has encouraged throughout the world. And, the abortions since 1973, worldwide?

A billion.

A billion children have been murdered since 1973, and America is directly responsible for a sizable percentage of that figure.

Do not be in the place that God’s righteous wrath is directed towards.

God warned Lot.

He now warns you.



If you’ve gotten to this point then it should be clear that when America is destroyed, ‘there’s gonna be a whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on.

It is hard to imagine what the world will be like after America falls.

But, it has been equally hard to imagine the rise of the Antichrist, and I think that the two are linked.

And, even though I suspect that my background in global security and foreign policy is stronger than the author’s, I’m not sure that I have a better idea of what is about to happen than he does.

It WILL be bad.

And, it PROBABLY will lead to the Antichrist.


If you haven’t quite gotten the picture yet, you’ll certainly get it in this chapter.

God does not want to see His children suffer, and that means YOU. He WANTS His children to flee when bad times come – and, they MUST come.

The author goes into nine separate warnings to flee from the Daughter of Babylon and he even goes into his own salvation experience.

But, he doesn’t stop there. He goes on to talk about why Antichrist uses beheadings to kill those who do not agree with him. (We talked a bit about this earlier.)

And, he revisits the historical precedent of fleeing from persecution – even recent precedents. And then, he asks where we should flee.

Go where they do not practice abortion.

Go where there are few (if any) muslims.

Go where there are other believers to live in community with.

And, reap the benefits of a lifestyle that is naturally cheaper.

And yes, I really agree to all of that.

Please do not hesitate. Sell everything that you have and go live in a place that will bless both your physical and spiritual life.




Look for Part Four in my next post in a couple days.