Rumours of War 3

I saw Rumours of War 3 last night, and it is an eye-opener. Iran has deeply penetrated the United States and has been working its way into government and into strategically sensitive areas. We’ve even been catching members of the Iranian delegation to the UN touring in groups and photographing bridges, power plants, military bases and suchlike.

You know… typical Iranian tourist stuff.

I’ve talked about an EMP strike, but what about a strike by armed guerrillas?

There are only 5,800 active power plants in the United States. How many people would it take to bring them all down?

Not really all that many. I could probably do one plant by myself.

And, it has been demonstrated that highly stressed power networks like the US power grid are very easy to take down, with only a few attacks.

The point is that advance elements of either Hezbollah, the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps), or both have infiltrated the US. An unknown number are across the border in Mexico.

Have you done the math yet?

Oh, and before you discount any of this, I need to tell you that everything described in Rumours of War 3 has been confirmed as true by a sitting member of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Here is what she said:

Go to GBTV. Sign up for a free two week membership. Watch the movie.

Are you ready for this?

(Thanks AJ)

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