Civilization Crashes by 2030

The bible has a lot to say about what’s going on right now. The bible refers to our time as ‘The Last Days’ or even ‘The Latter Days’. We call these references ‘prophecy’. And, the study of these ‘Last Days’ prophecies is called eschatology. The word eschatology comes from the Greek word, eschatos (meaning ‘last’), and logia (‘study of’). Literally, it’s the study of last things.

By the way, there’s all kinds of eschatology out there. Every religion has one. Just do a search for Hindu Eschatology or Muslim Eschatology for a different view of these things.

Better yet, just stick with the bible. The truth is always the safest place to be.

Unfortunately, a careful reading of the bible indicates that the ‘Last Days’ is NOT a safe time to be living in. Not safe AT ALL. And, short of suicide, you don’t have an option about whether to live during this time because we are already IN the ‘Last Days’. To get an idea of what I mean by that, go to my other website and read about what I call the Ezekiel Tetrad.

The interesting… no, terrifying – thing is that secular analysts are starting to indicate that the events described in ‘Last Days’ prophecies are in our near future – as in BEFORE 2030. That’s only 18 years from now, or less.

That is REALLY close.

And, there’s a lot of stuff that happens between now and then. A lot of stuff.

Are you ready for this?

Peak Civilization: MIT Research Team Predicts Global Economic Collapse and Precipitous Population Decline

Mac Slavo, April 5th, 2012 |

Researchers at one of the world’s leading think tanks have developed a computing model that predicts serious implications for our way of life as a result of our incessant need to consume resources like oil, food, and fresh water. According to a team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the breaking point will come no later than 2030, and when it does, we can expect a paradigm shift unlike any we have seen before in human history – one that will not only collapse the economies of the world, but will cause food and energy production to decrease so significantly that it will lead to the deaths of  hundreds of millions of people in the process.



The recent study, completed on behalf of The Club of Rome, an organization which issued it’s own findings on ‘peak everything’ back in the 1970′s in a controversial environmental report dubbed The Limits to Growth (video), takes into account the relations between various global developments and produces computer simulations for alternative scenarios.

Via Smithsonian Magazine:

Recent research supports the conclusions of a controversial environmental study released 40 years ago: The world is on track for disaster. So says Australian physicist Graham Turner, who revisited perhaps the most groundbreaking academic work of the 1970s, The Limits to Growth.

Written by MIT researchers for an international think tank, the Club of Rome, the study used computers to model several possible future scenarios. The business-as-usual scenario estimated that if human beings continued to consume more than nature was capable of providing, global economic collapse and precipitous population decline could occur by 2030.

Turner compared real-world data from 1970 to 2000 with the business-as-usual scenario. He found the predictions nearly matched the facts. “There is a very clear warning bell being rung here,” he says. “We are not on a sustainable trajectory.”

There is no doubt that the study carries with it its own agenda, as the Club of Rome includes members of the upper echelons of government and business from around the world. Many have suspected that the organization exists as a mechanism to move forward with environmental, and thus social, governance of the world’s resources and population through U.N. initiatives like Agenda 21 and the carbon credit system of taxation, both of which do nothing but shift the wealth of the world into the hands of the elite few at the top of the literal food chain.

But, despite the ulterior motives of those involved in The Club of Rome, they’re not the only ones who have warned of catastrophe stemming from high population levels and unsustainable consumption. In the History Channel’s Prophets Of Doom, Collapsenet’s Michael Ruppert warned of a similar scenario and one which suggests that, while oil may still be available in the future, the costs will be so prohibitive that it will be impossible for human civilization to maintain its current levels of consumption. According to Ruppert, the last great bubble to pop will be the human population bubble.

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