The Markets Are Going Down

And, they’re going to go down hard. You know this.

But, there’s another dimension to this that you might not have realized.

Here’s a quote from Zero Hedge:

The storm clouds gathering behind Charles Biderman, CEO of TrimTabs, are a perfect analogy for his fascinating treatise on the key to long term bull markets and why the Dow will be cut in half. Bringing together the critical fundamental driver of P/E multiples – income growth in his view – and the historically most critical secular shift of this fundamental driver – communications breakthroughs, Biderman remains calm (for once) in his explanation for why the current low levels of income growth mean that should a new reality of less Fed exuberance (or a belief in less Fed exuberance) occur, the Dow will go to 6000 as he sees little evidence of technological innovations of the scale needed to lead the next 25 years secular bull market.

Now, here’s the video:

That’s right, over the next few years (unless a technological miracle happens), stocks are going to plunge to half of what they are now.

Get out of the markets NOW.

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