If you had doubts about whether you should buy gold or not, watch these two videos.

Please. Pay attention.

Simplicity: Part 1

Simplicity: Part 2

And, here is an excerpt of the article on Zero Hedge that pointed these videos out:

Grant Williams On The Simplicity Of Owning Gold
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/26/2012

As we enter a week in which the expectations are high for yet another large expansion of central bank balance sheets, and ever more extreme monetary policy (thanks to the LTRO 2), we thought it appropos to listen to Grant Williams, of the famous “Things That Make You Go Hhhhm” newsletter, explain in its simplest terms, why it is still a good time to own gold. In two excellent and succinct presentations, Williams discusses the ‘simplicity’ of investing through the last four decades but ends by focusing specifically on the rotation to Gold at the start of the last decade (2000) and why the reason for rotating out of the precious metal has not occurred yet. Seeing the world of Gold as a battle between Too Much and Not Enough (and drawing on global supply, demand, and holdings flow) Williams lays out the reasons for owning gold, and how to know when to cover – as he narrows the five reasons to reconsider Buffett-and-Roubini’s Barbarous Relic down to one simple rule – Central Bank Monetary Policy Changes.

Read the rest of the article here.

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