Iranian Nukes

It’s Monday morning, and I’m just a little ray of sunshine to start off your week.

Some of you have probably spent the weekend trying to convince yourself that all this is just a really bad dream, a nightmare brought on by too much pizza and too many reruns of Bonanza. Well, I’m here to tell you that our reality today is far, far worse than any of that.

In addition to civilization falling apart, cascading failure of the rule of law, rampant murder of unborn children, eminent financial apocalypse, and the possibility of an Obama reelection victory… we have main stream media finally figuring out that Iran is up to something really bad in their underground, bomb-proof bunker in Fordo.


I dearly wish that I was making all this up.

AP Exclusive: Iran poised for big nuke jump

By GEORGE JAHN, The Associated Press

VIENNA — Iran is poised to greatly expand uranium enrichment at a fortified underground bunker to a point that would boost how quickly it could make nuclear warheads, diplomats tell The Associated Press.

They said Tehran has put finishing touches for the installation of thousands of new-generation centrifuges at the cavernous facility — machines that can produce enriched uranium much more quickly and efficiently than its present machines.

While saying that the electrical circuitry, piping and supporting equipment for the new centrifuges was now in place, the diplomats emphasized that Tehran had not started installing the new machines at its Fordo facility and could not say whether it was planning to.

Still, the senior diplomats — who asked for anonymity because their information was privileged — suggested that Tehran would have little reason to prepare the ground for the better centrifuges unless it planned to operate them. They spoke in recent interviews — the last one Saturday.

The reported work at Fordo appeared to reflect Iran’s determination to forge ahead with nuclear activity that could be used to make atomic arms despite rapidly escalating international sanctions and the latent threat of an Israeli military strike on its nuclear facilities.

Fordo could be used to make fissile warhead material even without such an upgrade, the diplomats said.

They said that although older than Iran’s new generation machines, the centrifuges now operating there can be reconfigured within days to make such material because they already are enriching to 20 percent — a level that can be boosted quickly to weapons-grade quality.

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