Gog and Magog This Fall?

I just saw something that made me shiver.

In an Arabic language broadcast of Russia Today TV on February 1, Colonel-General [ret.] Leonid Ivashov, former member of the Russian Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the following:

Interviewer: Dr. Leonid, do you think that these preparations and very large maneuvers, which will soon be conducted by Russia, are meant as preparation for war, or rather, a military strike against Iran?

Leonid Ivashov: These maneuvers and training will demonstrate Russia’s readiness to use military power to defend its national interests and to bolster its political position. The maneuvers will show that Russia does not want any military operations to be waged against Iran or Syria. I assume that the people in the West and in Israel who design the schemes for a large geopolitical operation in the greater Middle East region draw a direct connection between the situation in Syria and in Iran. Indeed, these two countries are allies, and both are considered guaranteed partners of Russia. The only question, therefore, is who they will try to destroy first as a stable country: Syria or Iran.

A strike against Syria or Iran is an indirect strike against Russia and its interests. Russia would lose important positions and allies in the Arab world. Therefore, by defending Syria, Russia is defending its own interests.

In addition, Russia is thus defending the entire world from Fascism. Everybody should acknowledge that Fascism is making strides on our planet. What they did in Libya is nearly identical to what Hitler and his armies did against Poland and then Russia. Today, therefore, Russia is defending the entire world from Fascism.

from a transcript translated by MEMRITV

So, Russia is holding these massive military exercises, and that has Iran and Syria nervous. Russia reassures them by saying that they have it all backwards. Russia is holding these maneuvers in reaction to the fascist US and her fascist allies.

Over at Israel Outlook, I just got done talking about Israel attacking Iran with nuclear weapons. Could it be that these maneuvers will be a jumping off point for an attack on ISRAEL?

And, the US?

Could we be seeing a full-fledged shooting war with Russia by this Fall?

As in Gog and Magog?

Here’s the video:

If the above didn’t play properly, you can find the clip here.

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