Urban Danger

I track trends.

I was about to say that I track other things, too – until I realized that all the other stuff that I track are just trends dressed up as something else.

So, I track trends.

The problem is that I am having a very, very hard time finding a convincing trend that is leading us away from disaster. There is a very, very, VERY tiny trend that seems to be developing that just might pull us away from disaster in the short term… but, you’d be a fool to trust it.

And, that’s just the short term. Long term… well, it ALL ends in disaster.

So, what do you do?

You could just stick your head back in the sand in the hope that the really bad times will pass your family by. Did you notice how well that worked for the Jewish community in Europe during the 1930s and 40s?

Yeah. That didn’t go so well.

So, instead of doing nothing, let’s see what ‘doing something’ might look like. I stumbled across the Urban Danger website more than a week ago and thought that they might have something interesting to say. I watched their movie over the weekend and can tell you that yes, they really do have something interesting to say – if you’re up to the challenge of paying attention.

Here’s a trailer for the movie:

Watch the whole thing for free on Urban Danger, or here:

Urban Danger from Urban Danger on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, the video is about an hour and a half too long for most of you. But, there are some who will watch the whole thing and realize that this represents the right way to go.

I can certainly tell you that I would probably be doing this if I were in the US right now.

The only other option that I can think of is to have a home with easy access to the ocean and a 30-40 foot ocean-going sailboat – with a place to go to when it all falls apart.

So, watch this video and ask yourself if this is the path that God is leading you to take. If it’s not, think about the getting that sailboat and learning how to navigate.

Oh, I guess there is a third option. Be really, REALLY good friends with someone who has chosen to do one of the first two options.

Choosing to do nothing is NOT a good option.

Are you prepared for what’s coming?