Soros Makes His Move

I really, REALLY want more time, but it looks increasingly likely that George Soros is about to make his move to topple the US – and that I (and you) will be out of that precious and limited resource that we never seem to have enough of – time.

Now, the good news is that he may not succeed. He has already done this on many, many occasions and knows how to calculate his chances of success. After looking at all the factors under his command, George may choose to balk at the last minute. He may decide that the chance for success isn’t high enough, so he might make his bid at another moment of US weakness.

(And, George might fail.)

The problem is that he’s 81 and getting impatient. He wants to see his grand project completed before he dies. The perfect storm that I talked about on Monday doesn’t come around that often. But, there are other important factors pointing to a play by George Soros at the end of this year.

The internal cohesiveness of the US – how unified we are as a nation – is at its weakest point since the Civil War. America has never been so divided as she is now. In four years, when the next election rolls around, America may have pulled back from the brink. And, history shows that America has a tendency to do that. This means that Soros may need to act now, not later.

This perfect financial storm that I talked about on Monday won’t be around in four years’ time. It is rare for both Europe and the US to BOTH teeter on the brink of complete financial meltdown at once. This may be the only time in which he will be able to engineer a complete collapse.

And, it seems that George IS making his play. He’s making all the sound bites and op-ed pieces that have been traditional hallmarks of a Soros-led attempt at a revolution. And, these revolutions always seem to succeed. The question is whether they will succeed in the US.

I think that the answer to that question may lie in George’s allies.

Is Iran willing to play a more direct (but covert) role in destabilizing the US?

We already have reports that Hezbollah has penetrated the US. Are they ready to take advantage of what happens? Has George made a strategic decision to ally with Iran?

(If I was George, it would seem to be the logical step to take.)

Everything will depend on how prepared America’s enemies are when the right moment comes. How deeply and thoroughly has Hezbollah penetrated the US? Is the Soros network sufficiently advanced (and prepared) to succeed? Can Europe be successfully pushed off of the financial cliff in time to crash the US financial system? Are the other, unknown players in this game positioned and ready to play their parts?

I don’t know.

But, I think that we might start to find out this coming summer.

Are you ready?

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