Big Brother Has Arrived

My goal with OmegaShock is to help as many people as possible understand what’s coming, so that they can prepare themselves and their families and their friends.

If I knew that everyone was fully prepared for what’s coming, or at least understood what’s coming, I’d close this site down tomorrow and go on to something else. Unfortunately, there are very, very few of us who are awake and aware. There are even fewer that are taking steps to prepare themselves for a dystopian future.

The challenge that I have, each and every work day, is to find ways to package information that will help you understand the future and then help you communicate that understanding to others. Usually, that means finding something done by someone else that is truly exceptional and pointing you in their direction.

One direction that I would like all of you to pay close attention to is Glenn Beck on GBTV. Glenn is exceptionally good at taking difficult subjects and ideas and communicating their implications.

Glenn is good at what he does, and he’s on the right track. He’s missing a few key elements, and I believe that he’s dangerously optimistic. But, he happens to be the best out there.

Please, take the time to subscribe to GBTV, and watch it every day. It will make you think, and thinking may just save your life one day.

Here are some excerpts from an especially excellent show on Wednesday night.

Sign up for GBTV today.

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