Greece is the Future

What is happening in Greece will eventually come to the US. Anyone with any financial acumen sees this, and is taking steps to prepare for it. Those who do NOT see this coming – or at least refuse to see it – had better be friendly with those who are prepared.

I bring this up because families in Greece are now so destitute that they are unable to care for their children, and are giving them away to anyone who can feed them. The good thing about Greece is that there are trusted organizations that are prepared to take care of these children until their parents can return for them.

I don’t know about you, but there’s a dearth of ‘trusted organizations’ in America that I’d want ANY child placed with. If you have children, you cannot afford to be left in the same condition that Greek parents are facing.

It is never too late to start preparing.

Here’s an article from The Daily Mail

Children ‘dumped in streets by Greek parents who can’t afford to look after them any more’

Youngsters abandoned as parents struggle
4-year-old found clutching note: ‘I can’t afford her’
Country also running out of medicine
Aspirin stocks low as austerity measures bite

By Lee Moran

Children are being abandoned on Greece’s streets by their poverty-stricken families who cannot afford to look after them any more.

Youngsters are being dumped by their parents who are struggling to make ends meet in what is fast becoming the most tragic human consequence of the Euro crisis.

It comes as pharmacists revealed the country had almost run out of aspirin, as multi-billion euro austerity measures filter their way through society.

Athens’ Ark of the World youth centre said four children, including a newborn baby, had been left on its doorstep in recent months.

One mother, it said, ran away after handing over her two-year-old daughter Natasha.

Four-year-old Anna was found by a teacher clutching a note that read: ‘I will not be coming to pick up Anna today because I cannot afford to look after her. Please take good care of her. Sorry.’

And another desperate mother, Maria, was forced to give up her eight-year-old daughter Anastasia after losing her job.

She looked for work for more than a year, having to leave her child at home for hours at a time, and lived off food handouts from the local church.

She said: ‘Every night I cry alone at home, but what can I do? It hurt my heart, but I didn’t have a choice.’ She now works in a cafe but only make £16 per day and so cannot afford to take her daughter back.
Sold out: Greece is quickly running out of medicines as austerity measures start to filter through society

Sold out: Greece is quickly running out of medicines as austerity measures start to filter through society

Centre founder Fr Antonios Papanikolaou told the Mirror: ‘Over the last year we’ve had hundreds of parents who want to leave their children with us. They know us and trust us.

‘They say they do not have any money or shelter or food for their kids, so they hope we might be able to provide them with what they need.’

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