Super Bugs are Coming

The latest news out of Holland, that scientists have been able to make H5N1 easily transmittable between humans, should give you pause. The fact that this virus has a kill rate of 60% should make you stop and think. The fact that it took only five simple mutations of the virus to achieve easy, through-the-air transmission of the new virus should scare you silly. The fact that this new virus capable of killing millions is available to any determined terrorist should make you hopping mad.

The fact that almost any biological research lab in places, like… oh, Iran… could create their own version of this virus…

Hey, are you terrified yet?

You should be.

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Will The Newly Created “Killer Bird Flu” Someday Be Used As A Bio-Terror Weapon To Reduce The Population?

Most people have no idea how close we are to a biological doomsday.  All over the world, incredibly dangerous “superbugs” are being created by virologists and military researchers.  This reckless tinkering with nature will eventually cost millions of lives because it is inevitable that some of these “superbugs” will eventually get released either on purpose or by accident.  When the time comes, we will have absolutely no protection against them.  But a lot of these scientists don’t seem to care about the risks.  In fact, a team led by Ron Fouchier at Rotterdam’s Erasmus Medical Centre has created a “killer bird flu” that could kill hundreds of millions of people and they want to publish how they did it.  They don’t seem to realize that this scientifically created “killer bird flu” could be easily replicated by those that would like to use it as a bio-terror weapon.  In particular, a “super flu” would make a great weapon for those that would like to dramatically reduce the population of the world without getting “blood on their hands”.  Unfortunately, there are way too many people out there today (including many among the global elite) that actually believe that we need to get rid of most of humanity in order to save the earth.

A few years ago, a lot of people were really freaked out about the H5N1 bird flu, but it turns out that it is really, really hard to transmit H5N1 bird flu from human to human.

But if there was a way to make H5N1 spread much more easily among humans it could potentially be absolutely devastating.  So far, approximately 60 percent of all humans that have been infected with H5N1 have died.

Well, that is exactly what this team of European researchers has done.

The following comes from an article in the Independent….

For the first time the researchers have been able to mutate the H5N1 strain of avian influenza so that it can be transmitted easily through the air in coughs and sneezes. Until now, it was thought that H5N1 bird flu could only be transmitted between humans via very close physical contact.

It would be hard to overstate how dangerous this virus would be if it got out.

In fact, one senior scientific adviser to the U.S. Government told the Independent that the “worst-case scenario here is worse than anything you can imagine”.

Even the leader of the team that created this virus, virologist Ron Fouchier, has admitted that this “killer bird flu” is “probably one of the most dangerous viruses you can make“.

So why in the world did they do it?

Why make a virus that could kill hundreds of millions of people?

This is such a reckless thing to do that it is hard to find the words to describe it.

Ah, but European authorities say that there is no reason to fear.

EU Health Commissioner John Dalli recently told journalists the following….

“The Dutch authorities confirmed that the virus itself is stored in a very secured way and that the necessary permits were given and that the researchers are bound by a code of conduct”

But it has also been reported that there are no armed guards guarding the virus.

That almost sounds like a set up for a really bad science fiction movie.  You would think that with a “super virus” that could kill hundreds of millions of people they would be taking security a little more seriously.

Unfortunately, it is not just this European team that has been playing around with the H5N1 bird flu.

It has previously been reported that scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control have been conducting experiments in which they infect ferrets with both the H1N1 swine flu virus and the H5N1 bird flu virus to see if they will come together and create a mutant super virus.

Once again, that sounds like something out of a really bad science fiction movie, but scientists around the globe are really monkeying around with these things.

Sadly, the end result of all this may be one of the greatest tragedies in human history.

Yi Guan is a top virologist at Hong Kong University, and he once helped isolate the SARS virus.  In a stunning interview with Science Insider, he detailed what it could mean for the world if H1N1 and H5N1 were to recombine into a mutant super virus….

Q: It depends on further mutations?

Y.G.: It depends on mutations and whether the virus further reassorts with other viruses—like H5N1. That could be a super nightmare for the whole world.

Q: You’re talking about the Armageddon virus?

Y.G.: The chance is very, very low that these two viruses will mix together, but we cannot rule out the possibility. Now, H5N1 is in more than 60 countries. It’s a panzootic, present everywhere except North America.

Q: If the nightmare comes true?

Y.G.: If that happens, I will retire immediately and lock myself in the P3 lab. H5N1 kills half the people it infects. Even if you inject yourself with a vaccine, it may be too late. Maybe in just a couple hours it takes your life.

But instead of heeding warnings such as this, scientists all over North America, Europe and Asia insist on playing God.

Let us just hope and pray that none of their “creations” gets unleashed upon the world any time soon.

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Oh, and be afraid.

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