This is Completely Frightening

The fact that a few scientists can fiddle a bit with a virus and come up with a doomsday bug… isn’t just shocking. It’s mind-blowing frightening.

That was just way too easy. WAY too easy.

What will the future look like when any two-bit terrorist with access to a lab can cook up a super bug that will kill every last man, woman, child and ferret (yes, ferrets) within sneezing distance. And yes, with our ability to run around the globe, everyone is within ‘sneezing distance’.

Here’s the article that got my Fruit-of-Looms in a bunch:

Pandemic Possible? Scientist Genetically Modifies Bird Flu With Scary Results

Five tweaks is all it took for a team of virologists at Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands to genetically modify the H5N1 virus — commonly known as bird flu — and make it something some have said should not have been created while others advocate its importance in transmissibility studies.

According to Science Magazine’s Science Insider, Ron Fouchier genetically modified H5N1 to be easily transmissible to ferrets, which are an animal that react in a similar fashion to humans with regard to the flu. Science Insider reports that a separated study conducted by virologist Yoshihiro Kawaoka at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and the University of Tokyo with H5N1 achieved similar results in terms of transmissibility of the genetically altered virus.

Read the rest of the article here.

Just when you think that the future couldn’t get ANY scarier…

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