Read Your Bible, You Schlub

I can’t say this enough times, so I’m saying it again, now.


And no, I don’t mean some piddly little bit from Psalms and a Proverb each morning. No, I mean The Bible. All of it.

If you’ve never done it, start now. Right. Now.

Nothing that I talk about here will do you any good if you do not have the decision-making ability to carry out what needs to be done. We call the ability to make good decisions wisdom. Yes. Yes, I know that wisdom also includes discernment and elements of knowledge. You get those from the bible, too.

Work with me.

You cannot know what you need to do, unless you have wisdom. You cannot decide what you need to do, unless you have wisdom. You cannot do what you need to do…

And, when the problems of this world are of Biblical proportions, the bible is where you need to start – especially, since many of the problems start with you.

So, like I said, start with the bible, and read the WHOLE THING! It’s ALL GOOD – not just some of it. ALL OF IT.

We are approaching the end of the year and another series of failed attempts at renewal through NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. And, you’re going to fail again, aren’t you.

Well, it’s time to stop that.

Get off your butt, and pull out that One Year Bible you tried to read earlier this year and start with November 17th. And, when you fail to read on the schedule that you set for yourself, don’t play make up – that’s for idiots like me.

This isn’t a contest. This is your life, on the rocks, if you don’t steer your boat out to sea. And yes, we need every boat in the water when the storm hits – to pick up as many of the schlubs out there who weren’t paying attention.

Again, when you fall behind in your reading, follow this handy four step process:

  1. STOP.
  2. Take a deep breath.
  3. Kick yourself a bit for being an idiot.
  4. Start the next day’s reading, and read for that day.

Yes, you’ll have holes in your reading, but you’ll be READING.

Start now, so that you can hit the starting gates running. And, for goodness sake, DO NOT TELL ME THAT YOU ARE READING YOUR BIBLE THROUGH WHEN IT’S JANUARY. I want to know that you’re doing it, when it’s August.

Yes, my method isn’t pretty. You’ll miss bits, but did you notice how much reading you’re doing now?

Right, you’re a schlub.

Stop it.