Corruption, Disgusting Corruption and US

We have become corrupt, disgustingly corrupt.

We’ve gotten so rich and soft, that it doesn’t matter that our politicians have stolen our future. We’re so fat and happy that a resurgent Russia can run deep cover spy operations in the centers of US government – with impunity. We’re so caught up in our polyanna world of love, love, love (all we need is love) that we cannot envision ANYONE wanting to destroy lovable old us. And, we’re so stupid and ignorant that when Ben Bernanke says that the Federal Reserve is your friend… we believe him.

Life has been so good that we felt that we could afford to pay for ‘upgrades’ on our moral compass, common sense and strong backbone. For decades, our educational system told us that there was something even more powerful than a Judeo-Christian ethic and world view – and we believed them and taught our kids to believe them.

We bought the line that we had reinvented the future because we had broken with the past, that there was a new paradigm to human existence. No longer were people going to hate each other, but we were in the process of transcending hate, war and conflict. And, in the process we lost our ability to see the enemy at the gate.

And then, when toxic institutions were set up that destroyed the fabric of our economic system – whether on purpose, or by accident – we continued to turn to the leaders of these toxic institutions for answers.

If you’re looking for the cause of all our troubles, look in the mirror – as I do every day. And yes, I really do see my part in this. The only difference between you and me is that I ‘might’ have woken up a bit earlier than you. But, I’ve been asleep at the wheel for an unconscionably long time myself.

What disgusts me so much is how we have managed to take something of such loveliness and beauty, the American Way, and putrify it. We have become corrupt, and we have gone on to be the corruptors of others.

Who produces more pornography than all the other countries in the world, combined?

Good ol’ America.

And no, it’s not just because I’m sitting in a hospital bed while I write this. If anything, my enforced solitude (and insomnia) has provided a much needed opportunity for reflection.

I am the cause of our trouble.

You are the cause of our trouble.

Our families and friends are the cause of our trouble.

In short, we broke it, and it can’t be fixed unless we start with me and us. You cannot be a source of meaningful change unless you recognize your role in what is happening and change that role. In Christianity we call it repentance. My Jewish friends might call it tikkun.

Whatever you may wish to call it, it’s change.


I must change, and I admit to not being very good at it. I embarked on a process of change almost twenty years ago, and I believe that I have come a long way. It distresses me to see that, the more that I grow, the more I realize how stunted my life has been, and how many opportunities I ruined – opportunities to be a blessing.

  • Stop what you are doing.
  • Take a good look at yourself.
  • Ask what you can do to be more of the person that you need to be.
  • And, when you’ve taken that first step, help others to do the same.

I believe that it’s too late to truly fix what we have destroyed, but maybe, just maybe there is enough time before the end to make a difference where we are now – to throw a lifeline to the people closest to us.

Here are the articles that inspired me to write today:

Bernanke Says That Any Criticism Of The Federal Reserve Is Based On “Misconceptions”

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is taking his show on the road in at attempt to help Americans feel better about the Federal Reserve. During a visit to the Fort Bliss headquarters of the Army’s 1st Armored Division this week, Bernanke held a town hall meeting during which he took questions from some of the soldiers. Bernanke tried to sound as compassionate as possible as he assured the soldiers that the Federal Reserve is looking out for the American people and is doing everything that it can to help create jobs. At one point, Bernanke even made the following statement: “For a lot of people, I know, it doesn’t feel like the recession ever ended.” That probably helped a lot of people feel better. A few probably even had a good cry. But what Bernanke did not explain to the troops is that the Federal Reserve is very much responsible for the fact that unemployment is rampant, for the fact that the U.S. dollar is rapidly being devalued and for the fact that we have accumulated the largest national debt in the history of the world.

Start with YOU.

Start NOW.