The Coming Storm

Being stuck in the hospital has given me a chance to catch up on my video backlog. Just before we left for Israel last year, we took our collection of DVDs and converted them to avi. And, now I have the chance to go through some of them.

One of the videos that I saw last night was called ‘The Coming Storm’, hosted from Mt Megiddo, Israel, by David Cerullo of Inspiration Ministries.

NOTE: I have no idea if there is any truth to the scandal surrounding the size of David Cerullo’s salary. I can only comment on the video that he produced.

David starts out the video by making a comparison between a meteorologist tracking a gigantic storm and those of us who are warning about the disasters that are in our future. I didn’t know what to expect from this video, so I was pleasantly surprised when he captured my attention so quickly.

That really is the right analogy. We really are like meteorologists who are charting a storm of unimaginable magnitude bearing down on all of us, and we are warning everyone about what’s coming.

With the backdrop of the valley of Megiddo, David Cerullo introduces us to several prophecies in the bible about Israel, and connects those prophecies to The Last Days. And, he brings in four different people to discuss the issue.

If you are familiar with the discussion of Israel and biblical prophecy, you’ll be familiar with either John Hagee, Joel Rosenberg, Perry Stone, or Kay Arthur. All four were included in the program, and each made thought-provoking contributions to the show.

The discussion begins with the question of why there is so much trouble in the Middle East. I thought that John Hagee did a good job presenting the answer.

If you fight against Israel, then you fight against God.

(I agree!)

Joel Rosenberg gave a good answer to the question of why Israel and the Middle East are so important. And, he directly points to Israel as an evidence that we are truly in The Last Days – and how impossible the whole idea was, until now.

For those of you who think that Christians forsee Israel being destroyed (and even NEEDING to be destroyed), Kay Arthur jumps in and gives an explanation that should dispell that foolish idea.

Perry Stone is then asked to answer what will happen at the end of the world. He gives a very brief overview of something that is referred to as “The Tribulation”. However, I disagree with some of what Perry says.

Don’t be so sure that Christians will escape the first part of the tribulation. (In the video, it looks like Kay Arthur jumps in and agrees with me.) Nowhere does God say that His people won’t suffer trouble if they’re caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

That’s why I believe that it’s so important to pay attention to what’s happening. There will come a moment in time when you will be challenged to make the right decision. If you choose well, you might be able to avoid some of what is about to happen.

What are the signs of the end of the world? Kay Arthur is asked to explain that one.

By the way, I just want to take a moment right now to tell you that Kay Arthur just rubs me wrong. Really. No, not WHAT she says, but HOW she says it. She’s SMARMY! I HATE smarminess. Argh!

But, she’s right, and my reaction to her style of delivery is petty. It shouldn’t matter to me how she says what she says.

Of course, you should know by now that I am a prime example of someone who is NOT perfect.

So yes, Kay Arthur tackles the subject exactly how it should be tackled – by first discussing why we should consider the bible to be accurate. The details of the signs of the end are easy to see in the bible. The reasons why you should believe them are less easy to see.

This takes us to the halfway point of the video which gives David Cerullo a chance to talk about Israel’s legitimacy, and I agree with everything that he says. God will prove that He is what He says He is by defending Israel and destroying her enemies.

God has planted Israel and no one will ever uproot her. No one. And, God will prove that in a way that will make it completely clear to anyone who is willing to see it.

Now, David briefly strays into territory that makes me a little nervous. I’m not sure that the prophecy of Asher dipping his heel in oil is refering to vast reserves of petroleum. That prophecy could merely mean that the area of the tribe of Asher was good for growing Olives. Of course, if you listen closely, David Cerullo isn’t completely sure either.

Although… wouldn’t it be great if that were true?

David goes on to talk about the coming tribulation, and this again is the biggest disagreement with this video. Do not believe that being a Christian will keep you from experiencing the evil one that we call the Anti-Christ. And, believing that will cause you to become complacent. If you trust that you have nothing to fear about the future, then you are at risk of experiencing what that future is bringing.

David Cerullo ends his video by describing what a relationship with God is like.

After having reviewed this video twice, I find myself surprised at how well it was done. I am not used to agreeing with what those Christians who make DVDs say. But, with one notable exception, I find little to disagree with, and much to recommend.

If a cynical guy like me can like this video, I suspect that you’ll be glad that you watched it yourself.

A storm is coming. Get ready.

(Does anyone know where I can provide a link to the video?)

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