The People Behind Occupy Wall Street

I just saw this a couple hours ago, and I was impressed by how Glenn Beck packaged his information and made it understandable.

You REALLY need to watch this, and if you like what you see, you need to sign up for GBTV. It’s not expensive, and it just might put you ahead of the curve when things turn bad. (If you think things are bad now, wait till you see what’s coming.)

I bet that, when you are finished watching this video… I bet that you will ask yourself, what I asked myself…

Why did we let things get to this point?


I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! <argh!!>

Make no mistake, we did this. Yes, we had help from our parents and their parents, but we still bear our part in the disaster that’s coming.

God help us all.

If the above doesn’t work (and it might not) here’s a link where you can see the above video in even greater quality:

The Truth About Occupy Wall Street, Full Episode

And, if the above convinces you, here are some videos that you need to see:

Highlights from Monday night’s GBTV special

The following is from the above link:

Last night on GBTV, Glenn laid out steps people can take to prepare for any upheaval that might be coming to America. You can tune in to catch this special for free by signing up for a two week free trial!

In the clip below, Glenn explains why he put together these action steps for his family and his audience:

Glenn then explained some of the preparation steps:

He spent a good hour going through the steps, and covering everything from business to jobs to money to faith and family:

And while many in the media may say that Glenn is motivated by anger, they could not be more wrong. Below, Glenn explains that he’s not angry at all, but motivated by love:

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