This is the Horrifying Future

I just saw this today, but I heard about it yesterday while I was in Tainan.

The video footage that I’m about to show you is obscene. It is horrifying. The imagery will stay with you for a long time, if not forever. But, you need to see it, because it is the future.

Am I saying that there is going to be a rash of two-year-old children being run over by trucks?


No, what I am saying that, as we continue to go through our own version of the ‘cultural revolution’, we will surely become just like the callous passersby who ignored an injured and dying little girl. When the communists came to power in China, they stripped society of its values and its culture. They destroyed religion and ethics. They called it ‘The Cultural Revolution’.

We, today, are doing exactly the same thing. We have stripped our society of its values, ethics and morals. We have ripped out the concept of God from our society and thereby destroyed the foundations upon which our society stands.

Without values, we are nothing. And I question whether our societies have any values left.

We are on a path of complete and utter destruction, and these videos show us exactly what it will look like. A two year old girl is run over by two trucks, and 18 people pass by and do nothing.

But, it’s not just that they did nothing. No, it’s worse than that.

They were indifferent.

Now, do not make the mistake of thinking that it’s because they are Chinese. I live among the Chinese, and I can attest that they are no different than you and me. They are EXACTLY like us. Exactly.

It’s too late to turn the US and Europe around. But, it isn’t too late to turn yourself around. It’s not too late to stand. It’s not too late to be the difference that must be made.

Choose. Now.

Here is the not-so-gruesome version of the video:

The video below is complete and graphic. Do not watch this if you are easily traumatized.

In the video, the announcer warns of the dramatic impact on all who see what happens. She also describes the actual events of the video and goes on to talk about the cold-bloodedness of those who passed by and did nothing. The announcer then narrates the footage. Afterwards, a doctor is interviewed, mentioning that the child is in critical condition and cannot breathe on her own.

The announcer comes back to criticize the 18 people who passed by without helping the little girl and mentions that if the first few people to walk by had stopped to help, the situation would have been dramatically different. She goes on to question where the conscience of the callous passersby had gone.

From the footage of other videos, you can see that the father is composed. But this one shows how distraught the parents are. And, that’s only what the cameras catch.

Again, this is our future if we don’t change.

God help us all.

May God help that little girl.