October Could Be Bad

I track Gerald Celente because he has a track record of being right. So, when he gets on the Alex Jones show and expresses caution about October, sit up and take notice.

It could all fall apart.

The downside is that Gerald said this on the Alex Jones show, who is a bit… um… out there. Alex Jones is one of the guys that believes that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ – a false flag operation.

Alex believes that the 9/11 terrorists were acting on behalf of the CIA?


But, even nutjobs can come up with interesting bits of information. In fact, nutjobs like Alex Jones are quite useful because they dig around in places where most of us wouldn’t bother to look.

Anyway, here’s an interview with Gerald Celente, made by Alex Jones:

Maybe I should have titled this piece, “October Could Be Catastrophic”. We’ll see.

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